North Korea, the Pindi connection

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. On Nightwatch
    Surprising they'd leave a paper trail on the NK deal, not the duplicity, that is business as usual. The fairytale that A.Q. Khan was a rogue actor rather than sales was always laughable.

    This stings as Jehangir Karamat is regarded as one of the more moderate and pro-American guys in the Pak Army. He even worked with the liberal hawks at Brookings and was Mushies ambassador to DC.

    It's not really news, this story has been in the public domain for some time but that it pops up in the Pentagon's preferred leak channel, WaPo and gets endorsed by US intel folk is interesting.

    Both stories are an indicator of how strained Pentagon-Pindi relations have become, DC has traditionally looked the other way on ISI wet work like this, even Mullen's braided bromance with Kayani may be in danger.

    The Admiral's is on his way out, he's also been taking more conventional pops at Pindi's mini-me Qom over support to insurgents in our wars, something that is not at all new and as Gen P. pointed out rather slight compared to what the Pak Military gets up to with the talibans.
  2. Blaiming others is a past time for Pakistani leaders, look at their media for instance.

    Pakistan's media support for the Taliban is very open...look at the likes of Hamid Zaid, Hamid gul, Imran Khan, General Baig and co....they openly support Taliban, yet the public is tooo passive and accept it, because in their eyes, without the Taliban, control over Afghanistan would be some what limited to certain areas.

    Pakistan is a double dealer, most of its elite support the Taliban, and its not a secret of seeing Pak Army units hanging about with Taliban fighters at check posts.