North Korea tells citizens to prepare for war with US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. A total barking moonbat

  2. Might be a watch tower short of a gulag

  3. An average leader

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  4. The Glorious Brainchild behind the unprecedented international success of the Worker's Party, who wi


  2. talk about self agrandisement.

    screw carrying your ill or injured relatives, make sure u have the leaders portrait with you 8O

    agent smith
  3. You may say that he's a candidate for the best room in the padded hotel, but consider the sanity of the rest of the country.... they are actually following the loon!

    Many many loons + Loon leader = Trouble 8O
  4. I look forward to our next issue of Preparing for Emergencies that tells us how to safeguard our Franklin Mint* busts of Bliar (soon to be issued).

    *note to Franklin Mint: please do not sue me as I have no money anyway and, even though I thought of the Bliar idea first, you are more than welcome to it. Thank you.
  5. Don't be daft. Not even BLiar is that far gone..... is he? 8O
  6. Get your recipes out for marinated dog then....
  7. If you want to read just how mad these people are and the bullshiit they are fed, go to this page 8O

    Try laughing after reading some of the news items they publish and the comments

    Have patience, let it run, the outside broadcasting starts about 5 minutes in.

    If that is the state of North Korea, my advice is to leave it in the Stone Age.
  9. indeed, eventually the country will implode, possibly resulting in civil war
  10. the yanks should send in the portable subway pizza places first
    koreans get first decent food ever war over
  11. wow! As I write, 7 people have voted for option number 4! I'd wager that Gorgeous George Galloway is on here & has multiple logins!!! :twisted:
  12. New North Korean TV news is up.

    Makes Eastenders look positively optimistic.
  13. Look at our country - our head of state is the head of a religion which believes a virgin gave birth to jewish hippy who died and then came alive again - then immediately decided that he didn't want to stay here so he went to his dad's kingdom up in the sky. Thank **** I've got a sense of humour.