North Korea responsible for torpedo attack

North Korea condemned by world powers over torpedo attack.

An official investigation has concluded that a North Korean torpedo was responsible for the sinking of the Cheonan, a South Korean warship, prompting condemnation of the Pyongyang regime by America, Britain and the United Nations.

e prospect of dangerous instability on the Korean peninsula grew after South Korea vowed "resolute countermeasures" against its neighbour for the unprovoked attack.
The Cheonan, a 300 ft-long corvette, sank off the southern coast of Baengnyeong Island on March 26, within South Korean waters. Of the 104 men on board, 58 were rescued.

n official report found that a North Korean vessel had fired upon the Cheonan in the night before retreating back into North Korean waters.
The report was greeted with outrage by the US, Britain, Japan and the UN.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said: "The United States strongly condemns the act of aggression that led to their deaths.

"This act of aggression is one more instance of North Korea's unacceptable behavior and defiance of international law.... Such unacceptable behavior only deepens North Korea's isolation."
William Hague, the British foreign secretary, condemned what he called North Korea's "total indifference to human life".
Britain "and international partners are committed to working closely with the Republic of Korea (South Korea) as they consider an appropriate multilateral response to this callous act," he added.

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