North Korea off the postings list?

There were rumors of a coup but that clearly hasnt happened yet. As for the sign and leaflet business it may or may not be true. For a person/group to begin such an open campaign means that they are highly placed and not fearful of being arrested. This type of campgn was common in Soviet Russia and after Mao's death when a leader was on the way out or it signaled a power struggle.
Current rumours say that he is trying to stop his cult status from over-shadowing his fathers. In reality, it may well signal the start of a power struggle between him and the military. It did take him a few years to take total control of the country, perhaps the senior Generals view him as a liability to the military's control on the country.

However, as the country is so shut to outsiders, we may only learn of this once its all over and the dust has settled.

If you want a really good laugh at the propaganda machine at work in North Korea, go to this site. Don't load the Japanese characters!

You have to feel sorry for these people :(
here is an article on BBC news

N Korea denies portraits removed

Kim Jong-il's portrait hung here beside his father in May...
North Korea has denied that portraits of its leader, Kim Jong-il, have been taken down, calling such reports a US plot to overthrow its government.
The denial was reported by Chinese news agency Xinhua - one of the few foreign outlets working in Pyongyang.

... but had vanished in August
Last week, western diplomats said some portraits had been removed from public places in recent months.

But a North Korean official quoted by Xinhua said the reports were "groundless fabrication".

"It didn't happen before, and will never happen," foreign ministry official Ri Gyong-son, was quoted as saying.

"The words are an intrigue that the United States and its attaching countries want to overthrow the DPRK [North Korea].

"General Kim Jong-il is the fate of the Korean people and the DPRK's socialism. It is unimaginable that DPRK people and army can separate their fates from Kim Jong-il.

"It is nothing but stupid and ridiculous acts just like trying to remove the sun from the sky."

The reports that portraits of Mr Kim had been taken down added to speculation that the North Korean leader was scaling back on the cult of personality that surrounds him.

Portraits of Mr Kim and his father, Kim Il-sung, are ubiquitous in North Korea, where they symbolise the ruling party's grip over every aspect of peoples' lives.

Perhaps the end really is nigh :?

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