North Korea Military Parade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by quiller, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. On Sky News now live:

    Bloody loads of them, haven't seen any equipment yet, just lots and lots of pax, with seriously vicious marching.

    0253: and now - lots and lots of tanks: hopefully should have an effect on SDSR.

    0313: Sky off, Now BBC live: shouting time, new 4* Gen on show.
  2. "Look you Fat Plick.... I didnae care if Poppa is Head Shed... your in the army now.... BFT test for youse tomorrow...nae mair pies and flied lice for you... you feking lard ass..!"

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  3. He joined up as a 4* so no BFTs for him me thinks.
  4. They should get him goose stepping on the drill square , that looked like seriously hard work and he'll soon lose weight.
    BTW Do the N Koreans have Guards type regiments , or is that the standard of drill for all of them , do you suppose ?
  5. There is supposed to be a food shortage in North Korea. Looking at the new Dear Leader I can see why.
  6. The fat bastad's never had to do anything in his life apart from get out his bed. Mind you, I think I'd keep my head under the covers with a face like that!