North Korea Fires Three More Missiles

North Korea Fires Three More Missiles

North Korea has fired three short-range missiles from its east coast, according to South Korea's Defence Ministry.

Launches by Pyongyang of short-term missiles are not uncommon, but the ministry would not speculate whether these latest ones were part of a test or training exercise.

"North Korea fired short-range guided missiles twice in the morning and once in the afternoon off its east coast," an official at the ministry said.

"In case of any provocation, the ministry will keep monitoring the situation and remain on alert," he said.

A Japanese government source, quoted by Kyodo news agency, noted the three launches, but said none of the missiles landed in Japan's territorial waters.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have subsided in the past month.

They had been high for several weeks following tougher UN sanctions against Pyongyang after its third nuclear test in February.

North Korea conducts regular launches of its Scud short-range missiles, which can hit targets in South Korea.

It conducted a successful launch of a long-range missile last December, saying it put a weather satellite into orbit.

The US and its allies denounced the launch as a test of technology that could one day deliver a nuclear warhead.

During weeks of tensions, South Korea reported the North had moved missile launchers into place on its east coast for a possible launch of a medium-range Musudan missile.

The Musudan has a range of 2,200 miles, putting Japan in range and possibly the US South Pacific island of Guam.

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Basically nobody is paying attention to them again since they backed down.

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