North Korea - Could it be Diplomacy is Actually Working?

Several hundred million cold , hungry, pissed off and desperate countrymen can have that effect on your rationale.

Oh wait, wasn't this what the Prince of Darkness hisownself Clinton was doing?
Much as one hates ones "Enemy" at the end of the day some greasy slimy Politico, usually without any principals, has to sit down and talk to them.
I think it's all part of a cunning plan. They switched the reactor off in return for several thousand tons of oil. When that runs out they'll simply threaten to switch the reactor back on again unless they get more.
AndyPipkin said:
PTP, your posts are becoming increasingly cryptic!

There are only tens of millions of NorKs anyway. Not sure what Clinton has to do with this.
Clinton managed to do a deal with them, too. 1996 iirc.

Turned out they were lying bastards. They just took the goodies we offered them and carried on making weapons.
lsquared said:
For goodness sake! If this has anything to do with diplomacy where is TONY BLIAR ?
Well, according to our favourite former 'first lady', Tony is currently busy doing 'the most dangerous job in the world'. LINK

Fortunately, Tony manages to stare danger in the face from the oak pannelled seclusion of his country pile at Chequers. Err, no. That would be our country pile, which Tony generously donated to himself, tax free, on behalf of a grateful nation just before he resigned.

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