North Korea - another front.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Digital warfare: North Korean cyber-rattling | The Economist

    At some stage, the multiple threats posed by Korea will have to be terminated.

    Reading the article, if proven that North Korea has being cyber attacking NATO members - could we see a n article 5 invocation?

    Could we really see Germany joining in the fun?
    Dutch Royal Marines?

    Thoughts gentlepeople please?
  2. A few weeks ago, they were supposed to be at war and waiting for the shooting to start - now, nothing for almost a month. Could this be a manufactured crisis?
  3. Last month was manufactured and they lost. This is warfare of a different nature... and could be doing real damage.
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  4. Given their isolation and the relative population balance, I doubt their capabilities are anywhere near those being ranged against them.
  5. Who know. Mablee assee hlas bleen infilltlaated?
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  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    didn't they have some big airborne laser thing MI6 sorted out?

    we know they were behind all the wmds we invaded dirkadirkastan to deal with. rumbsfelt admitted as much in his we know but we dont know what we know speech - I think :)

    considering the size of the NK army and the short distance required to get to seoul even tom clancy would have trouble writing up an instant american win.

    I think china would stay out of it unless we crossed the border again like they did the last time. they might object to too many foreign troops though - not that there are many to send except from nations with a history of butting heads with china
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  7. I would doubt North Korea could make any move without Chinese permission. It strikes me that North Korea are the proxies for China as Bulgaria used to be for the USSR.
  8. I don't imagine the Chinese trust the North Koreans with anything that could be used back against them when they try to reign in Pyongyang.
  9. The USSR was always several steps removed from the Bulgarians, the Chinese are far too sharp to be caught out by anything North Korea blunders at.
  10. If they're that sharp then they'll have spotted in advance the bit where they say, "Do what we say, Mr Kim, or we'll cut off the grain shipments" and he replies, "Remember how good you've made me at disrupting other country's economies and hacking their systems?"
  11. Not sure I agree - either the new leader has become a sock puppet for the Chinese and helps in Chinese belligerence - and there is plenty of that at the moment or they are off the leash; world be warned.
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

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  13. The new leader is leader in name only I believe. His uncle and aunt pull his strings. In that part of the world age and experience matter, no large company will have a chairman under sixty and the CEO is usually around the same age. Its part of the culture, people feel comfortable only with those who have experience and that comes only with age. He's a figure head for the real power holders, and they're more than happy to wield their power unseen.
    That the Chinese are increasingly belligerent is a very worrying development. I don't believe North Korea is off the leash, they may be pulling at the leash but their Chinese masters still have their North Korean dog firmly under control.