North Korea and staff cutbacks

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
I see the latest Senior staff member was barbecued by Kim iL Jongs mad crew !
the man with the mad hair cut seems to be getting crazier by the day,how long can he carry on in the manner of Pol Pot before either his military turn round and bump him off or the people revolt and rise up against him?
he is mad as a box of frogs but I am worried that unless he is kicked back into reality he may look for bigger fish to fry.
if he launched an all out attack upon South Korea would that bankrupt his country and undermine his position ?
do the Russians distance themselves from him ?
how much longer can he maintain a stranglehold upon his country and stop reality leeching in from the outside world ?
I do hope the Septics can manage to keep out of this one ?
This book is worth a read if you are interested in North Korea. Chapters cover possible war scenarios and end games for the regime short of war with the South and US:

The author was a National Security Council staff member for George W Bush.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
many thanks for that
I shall order that later this week, hopefully an internal revolution willdepose the mad sod, hes getting a bit like Micheal jackson these days !

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