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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JAGireland, Jan 10, 2005.

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  1. Probably on a losing streak here, but how and ever.

    I am an Irish citizen living in the Republic of Ireland and want to join the TA in Northern Ireland. Two of my friends are also interested in joining in Belfast.The regulations seem to say and my unit of choice have responded to the effect that I need to live in the UK for 5 years first.

    But I have also heard unofficially that there are a number of Irish citizens & Irish residents training with TA units.

    Can anyone tell me of a TA unit in Northern Ireland who will take in 3 Irishmen, or how I could get something official stating that I/we are eligible to join a TA unit in NI.

    First correct answer gets three motivated members to add to their unit's effective strength. :D

    With thanks
  2. You need to join a Pioneer Unit-They're always looking for "Tree Fellers"
  3. I'm pretty sure that under UK law established after Ireland became a Dominion in 1922 you cannot be discriminated against in this way. I also think the Good Friday Agreement may come into it... worth pursuing further: you should probably get in touch with the Military Attache's office at the British Embassy in Dublin.
  4. Galgenberg, that isn't the worst joke I've seen on the internet, but....

    Chickenpunk, thanks for assistance. That seems a much better idea than three Irishmen driving an Irish reg car around Belfast occaisionally stopping to ask where the British Army barracks might be found.

    Anyone else have any info, or in the TA in NI, please PM or post. No such thing as useless information and all is appreciated.
  5. Call me old-fashioned......OPSEC anyone....?
  6. OK, you're old-fashioned :lol:
  7. From the (otherwise useless) TA web page:

    Q. Do I have to be British to join?
    A. You need to have been a citizen of the UK, a Commonwealth country or the Republic of Ireland at all times since birth and should normally have lived in the UK for at least five years, preferably immediately prior to any application to join you make.
  8. Having said that, the Goverment are allowed to restrict certain posts within its establishment as "Reserved" posts, where candidates for that post must meet certain eligibility criteria, and these posts are generally subject to stringent security checks.

    Not to say there is anything wrong with the Lumberjacks, but there are some UK passport holders who would not be eligible for "Reserved" posts, due to such matters as Dual Nationality etc etc etc

    Therefore, whilst I am not saying that these chaps have every right to join the TA, I'm also not saying that they should be excluded simply because they live in the South.

  9. Bollocks to OPSEC. There are hundreds if Irish in the Regular British Army. Not everyone in the south is IRA, as in the north, and including some English!!!

    If you want to enquire about joining the TA, ring one of the above numbers;

    Territorial Army Soldier, Officer & Specialist Enquiries:- 0845 6038000
    Territorial Army Medical Services:- 0845 7001700

    This info is on the British Army web site

    There are no problems joining the TA in the North. You will go through the same security checks as we do in the north. If yer keen, the TA need you so come along.

  10. You can apply like anyone resident in Northern Ireland. You just need to fill in an extra booklet specially for people from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland - and pray you dont have any naughty relatives.

    And its Northern Ireland, not the North of Ireland,
  11. one other thing that might be useful.
    i had a friend and she was going out with her boyfriend who is irish so is she, both Dubliners, as chance would have it her BF was posted to NI so to visit him she has to travel first to England and then to NI instead of driving straight up and crossing the border, the security risk was too high for her and him.
    you may have to do that as well.

    i can also see the irony in an Irish citizen patrolling the street of Belfast only mile from where he was born :lol:
  12. If your friends are resident in Belfast they at least won't be stuck with a long commute as you will be in addition to whatever else you do. If you are moving north then fine but otherwise that will be a bit of an obstacle.

    Don't post any details of where you live in reply to this the dangers you run range from a good kicking outside the pub to a visit from the Family McKevitt and entourage but I'm sure your'e aware of that.
  13. Joeseph Kennedy (the curly blonde haired young one) was once touring the streets of Belfast on a Tut Tut tour when he encountered a UDR patrol. Wrongly sensing a soundbite opportunity he rhetorically asked the by now retiring UDR men why didnt they go back where they were born?

    The answer "I was born here" or words to that effect cae floating back in a broad norn iron accent.

  14. I met an Irishman serving with the TA inf a while back who joined straight after coming over from Ireland. Wore an English capbadge though but can't remember which one. It's definitely possible so don't give up.
  15. Thanks all. Greatly appreciated.