North Face running trainers?

I'm after some running shoes, aswel as some North face trainers for wearing in adventure training, trail walking, round town, (all purpose really). I thought perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone, with the idea that North face do sort of running trainers. It'd be ideal if I could just get one pair of trainers to do both jobs.
I don't want to have to buy two pairs of trainers, since this makes thing more complicated, and expensive. At the same time, I'm not keen on the idea of cutting corners and running the risk of doing myself a mischeif in training. North Face seem to be a reputable make (although expensive), so I've mainly looked at them.
This site has alot of North Face trainers;
I'm particularly interested in these two models:
However my question is, am I going to nacker my body if I did a PFT or Circuits in these trainers?

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Aswell as North Face, check out the Salomon speedcross, you can pick them up for 60 odd knicker.
If your going to do a serious amount of running round town then you cant .Get one pair that will do all things .Better off going to a proper running shop and explaining what you want .
Only get one set of feet ,knees etc proper shoes will help you keep them.
You might want to think about the UK Gear cross country shoe. Good for running but sturdy enough for the fells. One of my friends and the adventure training college in Chipenham swears by them.
These guys ain't cheap, but the kit is the closest to 'good' and 'general purpose' that I've come across:


This is a very good, reasonably light, but will cope with mud and trail running well shoe:


And you're buying Brit if you do get them! (and no, I have no connection other than being a satisfied owner...)


Aww damn Rifleman got there before me. Inov-8 are not to be sniffed at.

My pair of Inov-8 trainers were actually not that expensive, I think around £60 a few years ago. I bought them on-line, and they are awesome compared to other sports trainers I've had. The model I bought was the Terroc-330.

They're light, flexible and supportive. They're designed for trail running so don't bother not trying to get them wet and muddy, as they love it. And when they are wet and muddy, you don't really notice anyway as they drain well.

I don't do that much proper trail running, but they've been excellent on whatever other surface I've taken them. I think the reason I bought them back then was because they were also meant to be good on harder surfaces.

Here's the official site anyway, but they retail across the UK:

Terroc 330
if your just after off road shoes for mooching about got a pair of 5-10 approach shoes goretex lined for £30 off ebay.
if your going to do real running in them go to a running shop


I have a set of North Face hedgehog XCRs with Gore Tex. Got them cheap in the designer outlets you get. I find them good for hill walking and washing the car. I wouldn't however use them as pukka running trainers.

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