North Face Rip Off Hoodie

I recently saw someone walking around in a hoodie saying The South West in exactly the same way as The North Face.
Does anyone know where I can get one. Google was less than helpful
Cheers........I'd like to see the ARRSE face on a hoody. Anyone know how to contact the arrse clothing manufacturers?
Bikini_Black said:
I can make these. If enough people pm me wanting one I'll make them up. I have already bastardised the logo for the benefit of my own Sqn and i'm due to start producing those shortly.

This could be a historic occasion, where I abandon my vow never to wear a hooded top, and proudly wear the Arrse Face!
B_Z. Go into my stuff, Perferences (under configorations), at the bottom says MATROLL CONTROL, switch to no.

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