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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cormack, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. i'm going to join the infantry after xmas and after checking out the "ta units near you" site it gave all the yorkshire regiment TACs role eg anti tank/ mortar platoon however the 5RRF + 4PARA just stated where they were based. Can anyone help and shed some light if any of the inf sub units around newcastle/northumberland have a specific roles?
  2. It will depend on the specific company of the battalion you join.
    Speak to the unit you are interested in, and they will tell you what roles they fill. There could be a mix of roles depending on the unit you join.
  3. Don't listen to him ^

    Yorkshire Regiment is where it's at mate, you can't understand the Fusiliers, they sound like they're talking through their nose half the time and the Paras will only have you if you wax your body hair and engage in male 'Bonding'.

    In the Yorkies we get loads of travel, loads of overseas competitions, and good quality Training.

    Call your local unit during the Week and their Clerk/PSAO will be happy to give you some info.

  4. Don't listen to him either^

    We have no money.
  5. Why travel all the way to Yorkshire from Newcastle/Northumberland? I thought the idea of the TA was that it is reasonably close to where you live? Or have some Yorks units sneaked up under the radar?

  6. ^ Don't listen to him again, we have cash!

    We still train Tuesdays and weekends, just for free!

    Just because HQ Coy are taking a 6 month Holiday doesn't mean the rest of us are Hed!
  7. You jammy sod. How is your coy swinging that one? Surely this should be the same for the whole battalion?

    Don't tell me I'll have to transfer - I really can't afford it.
  8. I'm as perplexed as you are to be honest, I figured the whole Battalion would still crack on as normal, I know my Coy and atleast two of the other Fighting Companys are aswell.

    Maybe you lot know something we don't? (Although for HQ that'd be a miracle!).
  9. Try Tynemouth, or Ashington, not sure about roles, I think 5RRF have a number of sub units that combine for collective training.

    To be honest you would be better joining your nearest sub unit regardless of cap badge, CMSR is the same for all of us, and you can make your mind up and transfer to whoever you wish after you complete it.

    For the moment simply getting accepted will be a challenge no cash and all that, but some units will still be active.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    4 Para, Hebburn, airborne infantry rifle platoon, still recruiting. Anything else is just setting your sights too low.

    Sleeps2go - The content of CMSR may be the same for everyone, but the way it is delivered is not.
  11. Duke How is St Helens doing? Is it a Rifle Coy?
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Rifle Pl, outstation of C Coy currently based in Pudsey. It is doing well, some good blokes with lots of operational experience to bring to bear.
  13. Nice to hear 4 para is still there. Conspicious by their absence last year at the parade in Lime St but it was obvious where they were
  14. Sleeps2go - The content of CMSR may be the same for everyone, but the way it is delivered is not.[/quote]

    Duke, point taken, in my attempt at brevity I obviously forgot to make special mention that some are so much better at delivering CMSR than the rest of the TA, for this I humbly apologise.
  15. If you are from the NE then there is nothing like wearing the Hackle to make you feel ten foot tall, - even me.
    I date back to when it was 6RRF, but I hear it is not a bad unit today, give it a go. Forget the Yorkies, who wants to wear a cowpat on your head when you could be wearing the Cap-badge of Heroes.