North east england help needed

Hi All

This is for the hard of hearing (that's most of us) purely by chance last week I was chatting (shouting) to an old service colleague that I had not seen for about 15 years, and as part of the conversation we talked about our hearing loss.

To cut a long story short, we both left the Army eight years apart having both completed 25 years service, the strange thing was we were both diagnosed with exactly the same hearing loss, what I mean by this is the decibel levels were exactly the same in each category and the testing procedure was done at the same place involving two different type of tests both being six months apart.

Basically the only difference between our hearing tests were the names and dates, everything else was exactly the same, first test we both had a hearing loss of 32%, and on the second test we both had a hearing loss of 14%, had there been extra 5 decibel reading in the 1000 frequently (Hz) in any of the Ears we would had 30% hearing loss.

If any service person who left the military between 1993 and 2005 and was tested twice at the same place in the North-east of England I would like you to contact me at ‘’ it is my intention to try and find if more ex-servicemen had the same results.

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