North Carolina

Off on Exercise to North Carolina (Lejeune) for a few weeks and am planning a few road trips. Nothing too far but somewhere that has plenty to offer. If you get what I mean.

Any recommendations ?
"Deliverance" says it all, swamps, rivers, and hillbillys
Surely there must be somewhere decent around there where we are not likely to get bummed whilst being told to squeel like a pig ?
if memory serves, youre not too far from the ocean. so fishing or just a day at the beach might be an option. also, NC has some of the best bbq in the US, so make sure to ask around and find the local spot all the jarheads eat at, and then go someplace else. the food might be good, but who wants to eat with a bunch of slobbering retards?
Go to Beaufort (spelling) lots of single mums, trust me.

Or as already said, Murtle beach, is only an hour or so down the coast, or even Wilmington, or Raleigh are all within a few hours of where you are going.

If a blonde real estate agent from Beufort called Lisa says, "hey, how are you" run a mile, shes mental

If you can, go to Charleston in SC, well worth the trip.
If you drive to Jacksonville airport from LeJeune you will pass a BBQ joint called "Thigs"- always worth a stop.

Nothing fancey but good nosebag.
I highly recommend Savannah, Georgia. University town, tourist town with a ton of pubs on the river front. There is a beach about a 20 minute drive from the town centre. Can't go wrong. Bags of totty in bikins and short skirts. There is an English pub there called Churchills, great beer, great food.

Well worth the drive for a long weekend.
If you get the chance to see a band called "Rebel Son" by all means do it! Fine hillbilly punk.

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