Discussion in 'Travel' started by The_Cheat, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so my old man is heading to Normandy next Tuesday. I've done a battle field tour down there and LOVED it, however I've forgotten the key place names...

    Pegasus bridge is on the list, as are a few of the beaches. Any more suggestions? He'll be driving and should be there for about 4 days / 5 nights. He's planning on staying any where, with Trouville booked for one night.

    Any help with sight's he would like to see and places to stay would be greatly appreciated.

    T C
  2. Stayed in Caen on battlefield tour last year.
    There is so much to see the list is endless, best to just pick from some of the suggestions

    Merville Battery (I never actually saw this)

    Omaha Beach

    Coleville Sur mer (The American cemetery)

    Sword Beach
    The only VC won that day by Stan Hollis

    Point Du Hoc

    St mere Eglis and the airborne museum (American)

    La Fiere
    Where Charles De Glopper won the medal of honour (American)

    Crisbecq gun battery

    Arromanche and the museum/360 cinema

    La Cambe German cemetery, the resting place of Michael Wittman

    Ranville cemetery

    Will have to find where you want to go and then google details