normandy veteran died at 17

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by baldy_fudge_packer, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi in 2005 I meat a cracking pair of old blokes that inspired me to join the Para reg. they also showed me the grave of their comrade who paid the ultimate sacrifice, on his grave it says he died at 19 but in actual fact he was 17. Can this be changed? Should it be changed? I hope so. His real age should be shown on his grave. Is there anything us arrses can do?

    the pic is on my bebo site....

    if you want better photo i will send via email
  2. To my mind fella it should be changed. Maybe a whip round to replace the headstone, although you might need to consult the war graves commission.

    I suspect you would need documentary proof and permission from any surviving relatives. (Not sure). But it would seem common sense to me.

    If there is a collection, put me down for some cash.

    You might like to migrate this threat to the charities section, once you have done your research.

    Merry Christmas.
  3. Sorry mate, tried to look at the photo, it says I am not authorised.
  4. i took the photo and talked to these lads for a very short wile, i wish icould get to know them more and maybee meet them in my local they were a good pair of lads.
  5. As I said, if I can help, give me a shout.

    My mother is massively into geneology, so if his history needs researching, please let me know. All I need (If possible) is his full name, a DOB and obviously date of death, (I can't see that on the picture). If possible a town or area he came from would be helpful.

    It may take her a while, but had my mother been born earlier she would of worked at Bletchley Park as a code breaker.
  6. my msn is.... ************** feal free to add me who ever you are.

    his details are

    12th BN. Yorkshire
    THE parachute Regiment
    6th june 1944 age 19

    he was only 17
  7. Ok my friend, not sure you should of put your email addy on here, and I cannot advise you how to remove/edit or/hide it. (Someone will be able to). You may get all sorts of crackpots sending you emails now. If you do, delete your email addy/account or stop using it and get a new one.

    Will pass the details onto the computer sleuth, it may take a while, but she, (My mother), will do her best.

    Please send me a pm (Personal message) to confirm the details. I will not send the results of the information until I know who the recipient of the information is. No disrespect intended, just have to be careful in this day and age.

    Merry Christmas.
  8. Have replied to your pm fella.
  9. My super sleuth has done her stuff and it appears, I am afraid that the age inscribed on the poor chaps headstone, is in fact correct.

    I don't think I am breaking any board rules, revealing this information, given his untimely death, however, having checked and cross checked, my mother has confirmed the following details.

    He was born in Manchester South, in either April, May, or June of 1925. Without sending for a copy of the birth certificate, (Which costs money), you cannot determine an exact date. She has checked the census' for the periods leading up to this period.

    Apparently in those days, there was no legal requirement to register births within 6 weeks, as exists today.

    His mothers maiden name was Sarjeant.

    Given the dates, this would make him a minimum age of 19.

    His personal details are;

    Initials: P H D
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Private
    Regiment/Service: Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.
    Unit Text: 12th (10th Bn. The Green Howards [Yorkshire Regt.]) Bn.
    Age: 19
    Date of Death: 06/06/1944
    Service No: 14416155
    Additional information: Son of Samuel D. and Annie Pooley, of Levenshulme, Manchester.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: IA. B. 22.

    You can request a copy of the birth cert, but given the above information, it seems a little pointless.

    Sorry if this appears to end your quest, but at least there is a conclusion.

    I would like to offer my condolances to the Pooley familly, and I promise to remember.
  10. ok end of that then, i just wounder why they would have told me he was 17????

    ps how did you find out his details?
  11. Two Old Soldiers at the grave of one of their fallen mates.

    Very moving.
  12. BFP you should be able to see an "edit" button if you look at your 05:12.

    Best to remove email addy in case of hostile emails.