Normandy Trident Group

Anyone heard anything about them? Very Gucci website, ambiguous mission statement, lots of nods and winks from “those in the know”. Can’t help but feel it all looks too good to be true...
I would also hazard a wild guess that some people may well be paying to attend one of their courses to qualify for a job in the future, should they ever actually get a contract.
But we could both be just cynical old Brits and it is going to be the next Blackwater (without the helicopters and shooters obviously).


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So 'Brownwater' then?


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Former “employee” of NTG here. Avoid at all costs, the employee is in quotations due to never being paid despite months of work and personal cost to myself working for them. To date I do not know of anyone who has actually been paid or indeed deployed to South America. I would encourage anyone and everyone to give it as wide a birth as humanly possible.
I can confirm dinger898 comments. The whole thing is a scam and the company has been reported to multiple agencies now. They have gathered as much info as possible on individuals and so far have done so for 2 years. Nothing they offer has substance and I'm now endeavouring to ensure as many serving and ex-serving guys and girls know about this cowboy outfit. The package offered is amazing but all lies. Don't be fooled! One of the inner circle is ex artillary, Wayne Huxtable. Shame on him. Evidence is stacking up against them and they are now threatening anyone who speaks out with legal action.

Please pass far and wide to ensure no one else falls foul of this.
So apart from that…

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