Normandy Landings - A Country Forgets?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PandaLOVE, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Today is the 64th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and while June 6th is etched in my mind more clearly than my own wedding anniversary I had to check and double check before I made this post in case I had got the date wrong. Why? Because the newspapers I have read and the TV news I have seen has failed to mention this monumental day. Well I've seen/heard nothing. Big Brother is big news right now but a snipet of acknowledgement of one of our finest hours seems to have been forgotten.

    It's very sad. No doubt News at Ten will cover the D-Day landings but surely this should be bustling in the publics conscience all day just like November 11th.

    Please tell me I've missed something and that I'm wrong.
  2. I like to think the country has forgot, that might be excusable, but I get the feeling that they dont care, which is inexcusable.

    Having said that, The Independent front paged the plight of the remaining members`Normandy Nails Club` (TM MDN :p) today, who cant get to the Cotentin because of their p*ss poor pensions.

    "what did you do in the war grandad"?

    "Oh you know, went to France came back (sharpish), went to North Africa, Italy, and then back to France again"
  3. Unfortunately I think you're all too correct; there seems to be less attention paid to this, and other momentous events, as each year passes, I just can't make my mind up whether this is a deliberate omission or simple neglect; either way it's totally unacceptable.
  4. As has been said before Zanu-Liarbore are trying to wipe from the collective memory of this once proud nation anything that happened before Year Zreo or 1997 as those of us that have not yet succumbed call it.
  5. If I recall correctly the media covered it fairly well on the 50th and 60th anniversaries. The 64th is a bit too random and I`m not sure its a good thing to celebrate such an event every year even though the veterans are getting older and rarer as the years pass.
    To be honest the date didn`t register with me until I read your post, I`ve just been too busy trying to earn a crust..along with most of the population in this cruddy country I suspect.
    It would`ve been nice to have seen some kind of article on the news even if it was a short one though.
  6. The only thing I saw today was a bit on the news about it being the 112th Birthday of a WWI soldier.
  7. Use the key dates in conflicts as lottery numbers! Overlord, Market Garden....errr......Dunkirk. That way you cant forget :p

    Mind you I havent won the f*cker either :x
  8. Id say the reason is apathy, the public and i mean a large percentage no longer care, as the older generation passes on, and i even include us middle aged ones, the Second will be as forgotten as the First World War.

    Same as all wars, i dont think its changed much, its just the fact the generations are changing, the effect felt from the war through Grand-parents and/or parents isnt their anymore, it doesnt mean anything to a majority because it never affected them, and i mean also through film, war films were a staple of the 60s, a set enemy and hero, without a political agnda meshed into the film.

    However yes what is inexcusable besides my spelling, is the fact that the media ignored it, if it is to remain a reason to celebrate, not gloat but celebrate the beginning of the end of a Nazi regime, and to mourn all those who died for our freedom, then its up to the media, but the media also have to put bums on seats so to speak, and big brother however fecking stupid, is the current food for the masses.
  9. I remembered. I thought about what my late Grandfather would have seen and done that day. He was a CPO Gunner aboard HMS Belfast and I guess he was rather busy that day - the guns didn't fire themselves.
  10. National Geographic and History Channel both had commemorative programmes this evening - nothing on terrestrial though and most other media is obsessed with Big Brother shite.
  11. As that generation die out, their sense of achievement, that was passed to me and my generation, (I`m 37) from Grandad and Grannie also dies out.

    Personally, I feel privilaged to be the recipient of their stories, as a kid, they were heroes in the only way that kids can have heroes, totally and utterly.

    Folks my age were probably the last generation to get the full on "During the war...." treatment as kids, sometimes we hated it, sometimes we thrilled at it, as you do.

    I know we cant keep em alive for ever, but in one sense there Britains (nay, the Worlds) greatest loss.

    A toast to the "Normandy Nails Club". Huzzah :p
  12. I think there are just two remaining veterans from WWI. I understand 64 is not a round, significant number but the date and event are nonetheless. I don't consider it a celebration, I'd just like it to be acknowledged by the all powerful media for one measly day per year.

    My bold, I appreciate and understand Slick but it's why the media should be making a deal each and every 6th June. To remind us all in our busy lives and to teach the younger generations. It is still very recent history. Every time a semi well known old footballer dies teams around the country seem to wear black arm bands and have a minute applause before their match. We are not an uncaring nation but as someone mentioned, it seems like we are trying to erradiacte some of our past. If the media say nowt then many people will forget or simply not be aware of such important events in our history, in the saving and rebuilding of this Nation.
  13. The problem is that most of the 'youth' today dont care, its not taught in schools anymore, Government wont celebrate in case it offends the French/German/Italians, the Press wont publish it for fear of being branded racist and war mongering so the only thong you can do is to remember those who fought for our freedoms and to raise a pint to them.

    The illiterate chavs of today only care about themselves and are not interested in anything that does not give them money or 'street cred'
  14. I thought there had actually been a fairly understandable consensus to cease the big commemoration splurges with the 60th anniversary of each WW2 event, on the practical grounds that this was last date milestone where numbers of aged veterans could be expected to attend or be involved?

    I agree, however, that the level of utter historical ignorance amongst kids is shocking and deeply worrying. I collect and shoot Lee Enfield rifles, which are of course entwined with the past 120 years of our military history. We run open days and, whilst Joe public are extremely interested and engaged with this hands'-on British (military) history, few seem to know even the bare outline of WW1 or WW2 events.
  15. Only two years ago I was instructing for my local ATC Sqn. On the evening parade on the 5th of June, I asked my class about the significance of the date.

    Not one of them had a clue, despite the fact that most were intent on joining the Services.

    But then again, few even knew about the Cold War either. It would appear that 'society' no longer views our recent history as important any more.

    Personally, I think that it's a pan-European policy to deny that within living memory we were at each other's throats, although it'll take a few more generations before the Dutch will forget having to eat tulip bulbs in '45.