Normandy for four days

I'm off to Normandy for a four day battlefield tour with 40 or so other Borg and I was wondering if someone could suggest how we could occupy ourselves on the evening seven hour Ferry crossing.

Is Bridge a good idea, or would a PissYourSelfFirst contest be de rigeur?
take a pack of brightly coloured clothes pegs ... one colour per team and see who can get rid of their pegs on unsuspecting passengers in the quickest time and in the most amusing place .... double points for "pegging" one of the other teams. :D

either that or just get langered and eat the lumps out of each others spew.
Where are you sailing from , the missus and I enjoyed a drunken dance off on one of the old hull - rottendam ferrys , made all the much better by high seas and high spirits
The Portsmouth Le harve is fairly dull. They do have roulette and black jack tables. I believe they also have a small cinema, Not sure cos I just spent my time in the bar on the lash. No one puked so no eating chunks went on.

Dunno where we are sailing from. I get on a coach, I get on a boat, I go on the lash.

Clothes pegs are a fcuking TOP idea.....

If there is a cinema on the boat, may be get them to show "the longest day" or some suitable Op Overlord era movie...... unless you are watching it on the bus..... or you could just get very very very pished in the bar
BB, If its Portsmouth - Le Havre, they had buy 2 get one free offer on in the bar a month or two back... so no choice really
Sorry to rain on the parade, but for some reason the Ferry Companies object to pissed up service personnel harrassing and frightening their other passengers. More than one military group has found the CRS waiting for them on the quayside (clue- they aren't Dixon of Dock Green), followed by a nice chat with the CO on their return.
On the bright side, the battlefield tour is probably one of the best going in terms of relevance and interest (depending on the guide of course).
Just sit in the bar and get razzed. I've just came back from the same tour. It was fcukin' ace mate, you will love it.

Do you know where you are staying?
Never had a problem on the ferries drinking (and in uniform) but the we never kicked the arrse out of it. As Polar69 mentioned the Hull-Zeebrugge/Roterdam is very good, especially with the new cruise ferries and the dancing girls.
Just got back - stayed in Bayeux.

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun can be had with pegs - top, top tip.

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