Normandy Battlefield tours

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by El_Pato, Apr 22, 2003.

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  1. Don't know if this is the right place for this, but anyway......

    I have been dicked to jack up a battlefield tour for about 20 guys on the weekend around D-Day, has anyone ever done this before and can recommend a good professional company/guide. Alternatively has anyone done it themselves and if so is it viable?

    Thinking about Merville batteries/Pegasus Bridge, followed by Goodwood/Caen area.

    Any help, tips, pointers welcome


  2. I went on a very good WW1 tour of Ypres last year with a company called Leger Tours. They also do tours of the Normandy Landings. Give them a go, I was quite impressed with the service and standard of the guides who are experts in their area.

  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Did one for the Unit 2 years ago - easy to organise, if you go on a recce first.  Only 'Long Lead Items' are ferry booking and accomodation.  We usually use Novotel or similar, of which there are plenty.  We went on Friday p.m., via Portsmouth (trip round Pompey D Day Museum for those who get there early) to Dieppe, in the hotel, beer, up early, Beaches, Pegasus, Merville, Pont du Hoc, and a TEWT on GOODWOOD.  Sunday was the museum at, I think, Bayeux.  

    Basically, save your dosh (if you are short) and organise it yourself.  I will look some stuff up and PM you.
  4. Cheers Guys, Snowy, that sounds just the ticket.

  5. Cheers Guys, Snowy, that sounds just the ticket.

  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Please note I am avaliable for Battlefield Tours of Ypres and Somme, WW2 and Berlin. Not to indepth- (unless thats what you want) Personal family visits to relatives arranged.

    My Oppo works for Holts BFT's Kent- can do you a relaxed tour and cheap as chips! Speak to the RSM of MDHU Frimley Park or RAO for a recommendation.
  7. Any tips or PXR points you could send me would be very useful as I have to organize a trip for early next year, biggest problem I can see will be accommodation, so any tips there would be especially useful.

  8. Poppy Travel is The Royal British Legion's Battlefield Tour arm. They do the battlefield tours for recruits and for AFC Harrogate, with profits going to The Legion. They can provide guides travel etc . They will also help if the tour needs to be more of a staff ride or battlefield study than a battlefield tour.

    If you plan to organise it yourself check that you are covered for insurance etc and don't expose yourself to personal financial risks of tour operations. All it takes is a tunnel or ferry problem and you could have more personal drama than you need.
  9. If you are doing this as a civilian then follow the advice given by previous posters. However, if you are serving and organising a Battlefield Study for your unit then you need to follow the instructions as laid down in AGAI 23. This makes the event officially an exercise and puts all participants 'on duty'. Therefore, it is centrally funded with defined aims and objectives and there is 'top cover' should things go Pete Tong. It regulates the whole thing thereby preventing it from (hopefully) degenerating into a Bottlefield Tour! Be prepared to submit a Business Case for stringent scrutiny in order to secure funding (which can run into thousands). However, the money is there if you can convince the CoC (up to 2* level) that it is a valuable and worthwhile training opportunity. I am organising one for my unit at the moment. PM me your details and I can point you in the right direction.

    Kind regards


    PS. Just seen the date on the original post! However, my advice still stands; AGAI 23 is now the reference for all Battlefield Studies.
  10. Thanks for that, I will examine the relevant AGAI.....especially as I too have now looked at the post dates!!!
  11. If it is a battlefield study tour remember to ask for dipclear and sort out visas in good time for any non Brits. NATO travel orders are not recognised as France is not a full member.
  12. As posted earlier AGAI 23 gives all the info necessary to make the trip official and secure funding through the C of C. Best piece of advise I can give is book accommodation as early as possible, hotels in the Caen area are normally booked a year in advance for dates around D-Day.
  13. I did the Leger tour a couple of years ago and can thoroughly recommend it even if the hotel on the outskirts of Caen was not too good. I have now have a LH drive car and was thinking of popping over to Normandy to "do" D Day again at my leisure. I went into my local public library and looked at the various Normandy tourist guides and was surprised how many of them had suggested itineries and maps etc, etc. As an aside, if you are interested in WW1 & WW2 happenings in Belgium and the adjacent part of France, Norfolk line do a very good FREE guide. Google Norfolk, >destinations and Roberts your mothers brother
  14. Just got back off a Normandy battlefield tour. Person who organised it booked a cheap coach, then was unable to get guides. I copied the Leger Itinerary and researched the topics and produced a big folder. later he got two French guides. Unfortunately one Specialised in the American Sector and the other in the British so we found ourselves travelling around wasting time. I looked up some good stuff on youtube and put it on a DVD which I showed on the coach, even though we had the guides. Anyone need any further info PM me. :)