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Discussion in 'Officers' started by error_unknown, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. I want to organise a trip to Normandy in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone got and good links to battlefield tour web sites or know where I can get hold of scripts etc? ???
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    CC -

    Try whatever the Tactical Doctrine Retrieval Cell is called nowadays.  Based somewhere in Upavon, they have copies of all sorts of old battlefield tour data. (They are useful for other stuff as well.  They have loads of after-action reviews and 'Lessons Learned' stuff).

    Failing that, Motor Books in London ( are the best military bookshop I know, and have plenty of useful tour books.

    I have some stuff from a couple of visits ref. GOODWOOD, or can put you in touch with the MoD Library in Whitehall.  They hold lots of good stuff, including a lot of unique records and after-action reviews.
  3. Take a look at Classified Ads, Professional Battlefield Tours thread.  I know it is WW1, but it may be of use for funding etc.
  4. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    "OldSnowy" is correct - the Tactical Doctrine Retrieval Cell (TDRC) is an excellence source of information.  I researched battlefield tours last year;  Normandy is a popular option, and TDRC have produced two CDROMs which they will loan to you for  you to copy.  They also have lots of other material, both for battlefield tours, and for general interest (if you're interested in doctrine  ;)).  My Regt's based right in the middle of all the "Battle for the Rheinland" area, and TDRC have tons of stuff on that area, too.  (SSVC have videos, too - check the MOD Audio Visual Resources Catalogue - should be in your Trg Wg).

    Normandy is easiest to arrange than most other options, particularly from the UK, and getting guys away from the Regt can be an end in itself, so Normandy is probably the best option.

    Anyway, here's TDRC contact info:  (further info about TDRC - what they hold, etc. - is at the back of most issues of Army Training and Doctrine News)

    Tactical Doctrine Retrieval Cell (TDRC)
    Room 152, Bldg 370
    Trenchard Lines
    SN9 6BE

    Mil: 94344 xxxx
    Civ: 01980 xxxx
    AO: 5182
    EO: 5058
    RO2: 5215
    Fax: 5683

    CASH Addresses:

    Internet addresses:
  5. Dangermouse, I thought you were busy climbing ropes.
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    Yes, DM...

    What are you doing?  I got your email from work, and was surprised to see your career wish list to your OC!!!
  7. General Robert Pascoe has organised a tour in June this year to Calais and Normandy. Calais and Pegasus Bridge are Battle Honours unique to his regiment, RGJ, and the Glider Pilot Regt (Pegasus Bridge). A five day tour and I believe it is open to all (not just greenjackets).

    Get details from his website
  8. Very useful, thank you all for your help. ;D
  9. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    CO@DLO / CGS...

    I am busy training, but I'm also trying to arrange an expedition in summer, so while I was on the Army Mountaineering Association's website ( I thought I'd drop by ARRSE, I saw CC's question and thought I'd help.

    CO@DLO - How many different user IDs do you have on ARRSE?  You seem to have at least two...
  10. My late father was one of the sappers attached to the Ox & Bucks who landed with John Howard etc at Pegasus Bridge and later became a Staff College Battlefield Tour guide. I still have his scripts for this particular location and hence if anyone wants a copy PM me.

    Regards le Bashir.
  11. I am mid arrangement at the moment, I am using a company called Galina, based in Chester, they seem to have a pretty good organisation.

    Their number is 01244 340 777.

    If anyone has used them before and had experience of them let me know.

  12. El_Pato,

    My old unit should be returning from a tour with the aforementioned on Friday, I'll grill the organiser and get some feedback on them for you, regards,

    Le Bashir
  13. Le Bashir, I would be most interested in a copy as I do tours of D-Day. Such first hand experience is invaluable. James