Serious question.

My RSM is looking at running a Sgts' Mess battlefield tour to Normandy in September / October of this year. Does anyone know of any reputable companies or guides which they could use?
Why not save the money and do it yourself - tried the TDRC? There are also books-a-plenty that are out there.

You'll get more out of it by doing the research rather than rocking up to a series of stands. It depends of course what you/your Razzer wants to get out of it. If the stands are delegated it means everyone shares the love and also are encouraged to read into it which means they'll get more out of all of the other stands.
Talk to Poppy Travel - the site sponsor.

They are the Battlefield Tour arm of the Royal British Legion and do most of the ATR tours as well as a load of other units.

Using a good tour company will save time and hassle.
Many thanks. I will try both. I ran the last tour myself, but the dates the tara is looking at see me in BATUS still. The histroy research we will do in house, but it is always nice to have someone who knows not just the history, but the routes, accommodation and watering holes to go to! :boogie:
Here is what we can do:-

- Organise administration transport accommodation including cover in the event that something goes wrong. We can often negotiate much better rates than an individual group.

- Help as much or as little as you want. We can design the tour for you or help you to learn how to design a tour to achieve your aims. Our senior guides train other guides and have taken hundreds of battlefield tours, battlefield studies and staff rides.

- Help to get the most from the ground and local resources to achieve the aim. We know the ground, the history and the locations to achieve different objectives in Normandy. Are you looking for inspirational stories from the Sergeants Mess? Do you want to cover the actions of a particular cap badge or trade? To what extent to do you want to look at contemporary problems?

The Legion is keen to help the serving forces undertake battlefield tours.
Its an opportunity to give something back to the current generation of soldiers. Understanding what people did and why they did it is one of the key experiences of Remembrance.
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