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Normandy Barracks WO's and Sgt's Mess

Is there anyone out there who can shed some info please?

What's the Accom like, room sizes, proximity to the bar, beer prices etc Do the STA exercising troops use it too?

I know the Barracks relatively well, was a screw there in 04.

I left LWCTG in Sept last year after 2 years in LWCTG.
Room sizes are not great, distance to the bar depends on which block your room is in, but is no more than a 2 min walk (When sober). Bar prices are good, they are fairly standard within the Sgts messes within Germany.
The exercising troops use the NATO mess, it is just round the corner from yours but it isnt used all that often.
The mess itself is strange, there are so many cap badges that it is hard to keep up all the mess traditions that you may be used to.
The Xmas and summer ball are usually excellent this is somewhat down to the fact that there are more than 250 mess members.

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