Normandy and Arnhem Books

Can anybody recommend books on Normandy and Arnhem. Books that give a good on the ground perspective from a british regiment?

I've read Pegasus and Bridge Too Far.

If you can get hold of a copy, 'None had lances' is a good history of the 23rd Lancers, from conscription to disbandment, with D-Day along the way.

Ken Tout's books give a good view of life in the tanks, from someone who was there. Peter Elstob's 'Warriors for the working day' is similar.

I'm a bit short of good primary sources for the infantry in Normandy. I suspect there's a good reason for that.
B Company arrived for Arnhem if you can find it
Pegasus Diaries by Major John Howard.

Pegasus Bridge by Stephen Ambrose.

I know they're not about Arnhem but are good and have lots to do with Normandy.
"Arnhem Lift" by Louis Hagen, written a few weeks after the battle.
This book gives the unique perspective of a young Jewish refugee from Potsdam, germany, who managed to escape to Britain with his family in 1938 and after a period of internment, through volunteering for the Royal Pioneer Corps, managed to get into the Glider Pilot Regiment. He was one of the first guys to arrive in Arnhem and one of the last to escape across the Rhine at Oosterbek.
Later, during the 70s, he met a German his own age, who was actually a young officer in the German headquarters in Oosterbek during the battle. The second part of the book describes the battle as seen by this officer.

"Men at Arnhem" by (IIRC) Tom Angus, the best thing I've read about the battle and essential reading on subject. I'd also recommend "With the Jocks" a subaltern's view of his time as a Rifle platoon commander with 4KOSB from some time after D-Day until the end of the War. It's not strictly about Normandy but a fascinating read nonetheless. Finally, and the name escapes me, but a book by a chap who'd been mortar platoon commander in a Bn. of the Hampshires from shortly after D Day onwards, and don't ignore anything by Sydney Jarey about his time with the SLI in Normandy either!
I've been trying to find 'Echoes from Arnhem' by Lewis Golden but everywhere I look it's out of stock or costs a mint, anyone know where I may purchase a reasonably priced copy?
Not the Brit perspective but "Voices of Valor" by Douglas Brinkly is a damned good read and it comes with a cd of interviews with D-Day veterans.

"It never snows in Sepember" is very good, as mentioned.

"The Devils Birthday" by Geoffrey Powel. More a general round up similar to "Bridge too far", but still good.

If ya feeling really **** retentive, try
Several units war diaries on here relating to whole Arnhem action, despite the detail thay are quite illuminating, specially if you have some maps for reference.

Quite a lot of detail for Normandy and Arnhem action in Peter Harclerodes` "Para! 50 years of the Parachute Regiment"

Ooops, I`m goin on a bit :oops:
D-Day by Stephen Ambrose published by Pocket Books, 1994 (ISBN 0743449746)

The Normandy Landings by General Jean Compagion published by Editions Quest-France, 2001, English version. (ISBN 2737326419).
An excellent account of the Gunner contribution to Market Garden is "The Gunners at Arnhem" (1999 Spurwing Publishing, ISBN 0-9535754-0-3) by Peter Wilkinson MC. Far from being a stale Gunners only work its a really interesting and well written book by a participant in the fighting - thoroughly recommended.

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