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Does anyone know where you can find a detailed and accurate ORBAT for the British forces in Normandy 1944 ?

This is the sort of thing the yanks are good at publishing on the web but we don't seem to bother with !
Thanks for the pointers, though none of the sources that I've been through so far are particularly in-depth or exhaustive.

I was hoping for some more info on non-armour / infantry units being an ex-signaller - we always seem to get overlooked or lumped into "support troops" or some equally non-descriptive catch-all phrase.

Even our own Corps museum's website is not much help.
PartTimePongo said:
Nialhall , my previous OC has compiled one, as Normandy is his specialist historical area. If it's ok with you, I'll pass your request to him?
If he ok's it, any chance of adding it to the wiki

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