Norman Wisdom Royal Signals?

I'm a little confused, as usual I suppose. The Royal Signal Association site is showing Sig (Sir) Norman Wisdom as ex Royal Signals - Service: 1941 to 1946 - Comcen, Cheltenham.

I was under the impression he was an ex Hussar, anyone put me right on this?
Norman Wisdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

World War II

At the outbreak of World War II Wisdom was sent to work in a communications centre in a command bunker in London where he connected telephone calls from war leaders to the prime minister. He met Winston Churchill on several occasions when asked for updates on incoming calls and once was disciplined for calling him Winnie.[7] He then joined the Royal Corps of Signals and performed a similar function with a military unit based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. After Wisdom appeared at a charity concert at the Cheltenham Town Hall actor Rex Harrison came backstage and urged him to become a professional entertainer.[17]
CC - much obliged for that and well done the RSA site.

The Internet edition of the August Wire is a little late tho'
Having read the full Wikipedia entry I see he was both ex Hussar and ex Royal Signals. His Hussar service being mostly pre-second world war in India as a bandsman, I hadn't realised what a tough early life he had, top bloke it sounds like.

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