Norman Tebbit tells it like it is.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chinggis, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Norman Tebbit has written this very good opinion piece about how “political correctness” and “multiculturalism” is undermining our British identity.

    The amazing thing is, it was published in the Guardian! I expect a sudden peak in mortality among the Guardianistas as they choke to death on their croissants and espresso.

    Nice one, Norman.
  2. Any chance of a link, Chinggis?

  3. Sorry, the hyperlink isn't very obvious. 5th word, 1st line "this".
  4. My sincere apologies, Chinggis, I missed that link in your original post. Put it down to me being an old dodderer now. :D :D :D

    Getting back to the theme: I think Sir Duberry of Cheam is wrong in his estimation. I think that the UK can absorb a lot of "foreign" values and emerge as a British (but altered) society. That's what evolution's all about!

  5. Excellant piece. thanks for alerting me to it. Isn't it funny though. Until a few years ago he (by his own admission) would have been branded a racist bigot for a speech like that. The islingtion lot got away with undermining this countries values and identity. Now every man (and woman) and thier dog is crying out for change. From fred the binman to captains of industry and senior politicos. Yet still the 'govt' ignore them. Methinks oswald and his blackshirts may have had a grain of truth in his rivers of blood speech.
  6. The Guardian these days has abandoned its old Socialist agenda, and regularly prints good stuff like this. Max Hastings twice a week, for example.

    Anything, so long as it's well-argued, well-written and controversial.

    The Independent has a lot to be thanked for, by nudging The Guardian into this much wider editorial approach.

    Good stuff!
  7. Spicey, was it not Enoch Powell that made the "Rivers of Blood" speech? :?
  8. Er, some confusion, methinks.

    The so-called (inaccurately) "Rivers of Blood" speech was made by (Brig.) Enoch Powell MP. Mosely was a generation earlier.

    Mosley was a brilliant intellect gone very badly wrong. Powell was ditto, but invariably correct. (He accurately predicted the US would destroy the British Empire, which it did.)

    Tebbit is an extreme lightweight; and this piece contains nothing at all original. But the £2,000 fee will keep him in shotgun cartridges for at least part of the coming pheasant season . . . .

  9. Norman Tebbit can hardly be classed as an extreme lightweight as he has refused to forgive Patrick Magee for murdering 5 of his friends and crippling his wife,Nowadays under Trustworthy Tony the policy is to suck up to these murdering scum hence the good Friday agreement and apoligising for slavery
  10. Good article, pretty much puts my own thoughts into words....and I love to see the pinko guardianistas getting irate over it, although I must admit I was suprised at the number of supportive comments posted.

    What came as no surprise were the classic, standard retorts of the left. The war cry of the liberal left moron who for some reason thinks he represents the moderate centre ground and made due a complete inability to make a rational contradictory argument.

  11. Not a logical argument.

    I don't forgive those who murdered my friends, either.

    But smouldering resentment is no proof of towering intellect. Tebbitt is a comparative lightweight, and never an original thinker - unlike Moseley and Powell, who were powerful intellects, albeit gravely perverted in one instance.
  12. When someone is called a lightweight,my interpretention of that is that the person has no balls and goes along with the crowd,never going against the grain or raising their heads above the parapet so that is why I wouldn't class Norman Tebbit as a Lightweight
  13. Ah, no. We are at risk of cross-purposes.

    Tebbitt's lack of weight, as I perceive it, is in the department of original political thought.

    He was a loyal footsoldier under Maggie; but all his political thoughts and opinions are derivative.

    There is absolutely no denying his physical courage, or that of his terrorist-crippled wife - both of whom I salute.
  14. I see,you meant his article and not his character fair play,Sorry I didn't mean to jump down your throat
  15. Here you go.

    The original article.