Norman Kember Freed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Yay. Good news. For once.
  2. Good news and glad he won't have to make any more home videos......

    BUT... Let's hope he's learned a valuable lesson.

    Do-Gooders beware! Stay at home, stop putting soldiers lives at risk when they have to rescue you and stop being so Naive!
  3. Great news, perhaps it might make these morons think twice before abducting innocent people.
  4. That is fantastic news. His family must have been through a terrible time not knowing what was happening with him. Great news in the end though

    Welcome home Norm :D
  5. Great news to see him free, but I have to agree with Bomb_Doctor, brave guys had to put their lives at risk to save some latter day missionaries who were seriously out of their depth. Interestingly enough Norman had also made a statement before he got kidnapped saying he didn't want a military operation to rescue him if he got abducted. B@llocks to that, if I get abducted on my next tour I would want to see the entirety of 22, SRR, Delta Force, SBS and any other hooligan busting down the door and putting serious lead into the kidnappers.
    Hopefully this operation will put off some of these maniac abduction groups.


    "I'll get my man to see to your kit."
  6. My thoughts exactly (apart from George Galloway - he can visit his 'indefatigable' friends any time).
  7. Brilliant - now go home and stay there
  8. Good news that Mr Kember is free but I wholeheatedly agree with bomb_doctor and taz_man, that soldiers, not just british ones, have put their lives at risk gathering intel on his whereabouts and then getting him out. It places a large drain on the resources of not only the british army but also the already overburdened Iraqi police and army. It should serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to go out there with NGOs or on their own. Let the people who have the ability to do the job get on with it instead of hindering everyone.
  9. Glad we've got him out, and that he is "reasonably" well (direct from Sky News that one).

    Can we now expect him to give a few talks to other aspiring lunatics on the dangers of rocking up in Iraq with a bag full of goodies and just good will to protect you?

    He may have signed a thingy saying NO to military intervention, this is the first I have heard of it and shows an interesting insight in to the mindset of these fools, but I bet he was happy as larry to see them burst through the door!!! I can't quite see him in his orange jumpsuit shouting "NO, force is wrong, put me back in to my squalid hell hole prison" as they chuck him on the back of a truck and speed him to safety.

    [duty cynic]I can only hope that no one was killed by the rescuers in the raid, or we can probably expect to see more soldiers in the Old Bailey on murder charges or charges against infringing the human rights of the kidnappers or some such drivel.[/duty cynic]

    To the lads, of all nationalities, who put it on the line and got them out, well done!!! and I hope none were injured or killed doing it. That would truely be tragic.

    Edited for bad england grammer.
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    I wonder if he's still so sympathetic towards the naughties and general populace of Iraq now?
  11. Having read the 'Your Comments' section on the BBC (link is at the bottom of the news article) I am stunned by the self-loathing of some of people.

    More than one person is claiming that the whole kidnapping was a George Bush conspiracy to silence a group that has allegedly exposed human rights abuses by the US military in Iraq. WTF are these people on? They are also trying to claim that the fact that the yank that was captured with the other 3 was killed a few weeks ago was further evidence of American involvement. So a couple of old hippies go to Iraq to spread peace, love and flowers and evil George Bush colludes with muslim terrorists to get them kidnapped, shown on various arabic TV stations, kills one of his countrymen before betraying said cooperative ragheads to coalition forces. Ok, I can buy that?

    Where do these idiots get their 'world picture' and perspectives on reality?
  12. Let's see if he thanks the rescue team and doesn't behave like that NGO who got taken in Gazza the other week who wouldn't say thanks and that she didn't want to be rescued.

    A little bit of 'Stockholm Syndrome' there me thinks.....
  13. International reaction-

    the US have praised the brave resucuers
    Canada have thanked the courageuos soldiers
    MoD have anounced an enquiry into whether excessive force was used in the op and are seeing if any soldiers can be prosecuted for war crimes.

    I'll get my coat (perhaps Mr Kember should also acquire a coat and live in the UK for a while)
  14. Gazza's kidnapping people now? FFS, he really needs to get off the sauce and sort his life out. :D