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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gren, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as we have a hippy veggie thread, why not one for the normal people of this world.

    So whats your favourite meat/meat dish?

    And do you like wearing leather shoes? fur coats? blood sports etc etc

    Friends of the earth? ive shit em.
  2. All of the above :D
    Offal I love it anything with the kind of organs that make girly shirt lifting weird beards want to puke :D
    And I want my steak with a pulse 8O
  3. BACON!!

    Bacon is God's way of proving that Vegetarians are wrong.
  4. NORMAL - on here??? Have a word with yourself! :D
  5. All meat, steak (cremated,) Pork chops with mash :p

    jarrod loves meat, pork sword, beef bayonet etc :D
  6. Well that could be tricky to answer. I love roast lamb, but you can't beat a big thick juicy steak!!! Then there's veal, pork loins, liver, kidneys, chicken, goose, duck........ & I haven't even thought about fish yet............

    Leave the lettuce for rabbits!
  7. MMMMMMMMMMMM Bacon :nod:

  8. There's the basics for a good stew right there in bold :D
  9. Anything that with 4 legs (or 2) that can be caught, killed, gutted, skinned, prepared and cooked.

    Carol Vorderman.

    Rosmary or Basil?
  10. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Top of the pops for me are

    steak, rare
    curry, fairly strong
    real ale
    potatoes , cooked however

    Not necessarily in that order
  11. Chicken breast stuffed with haggis with a whisky sauce on a black pudding base.
  12. I'm deffo going to try that one :D
  13. You cannot beat a good steak done medium rare. What's the point of cremated steak? It's like giving a donkey a strawberry!

    Saying that, bacon sarnies hmmmmmmm.............
  14. Vegetarian: An old Indian word meaning “Bad Hunter”
  15. Bull fighting should be PC-lovely beef,more lovely beef,very fresh,could even be halal as it's been bled to death!Lots of nice leather goods for afters-shoes,jackets,underpants,traditional dildoes.Don't know or like to ask what horns & bones are used for,probably glue/fertiliser-more fresh beef.Only bits that don't get recycled are the ears-bullfighter gets them for a job well done. :hungry: :pig: mmmmm bacon & fresh beef :D