NOrks Olordy on BBC3

Just watching a documentary called me and my big breasts.. awesome viewing apart from the selfish bitch who is going for breast reduction - this should be against the law.. I have had at least 3 w@nks watching this --- mint!!!!
I only got to watch it during the ad breaks in House! Hope it's on Teleport tv tomorrow :hump:
my god their lovely
Did you see the ginger bird?

Fuck me, I came in my pants.
"i don't like my big tits"

then why the feck are you wearing the smallest/tightest top you can find to show the feckers off then ????

stupid fecking doris'
god that water looks sooooooooooooooooo clear.
Wait 'til it splashes against her flaps and she loses control.....and it turns all lumpy and a murky brown colour cos she's infested with 'orrible lurgies!

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