Nork copy of That LMG?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stoatman, Jun 19, 2013.

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  2. I hope to Christ no one finds a pic of them with a copy of the will be total annihilation if we try and do some "intervention" over there!
  3. That was one ******* long Fire Control Order. What's Korean for 'Bushy-topped Tree'?

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  4. Didn't fire though, I wonder how much ammunition Fatty allows his troops.

    Nice little group, I would imagine that it would rapidly attract the interest of an MFC.
  5. ...and the front rank with the longer barreled weapons are firing downhill whilst the rear rank appear to have their sights set to 800.
  6. If I were one of the gunners I'd want the bloke behind me pointing the nasty end well away from me.
  7. Fair one RQ, fair one.
  8. What's the second chopsy ****** carrying? Are North Korea procuring their weapons from Steam Punks?
  9. reminds me of watching the PLA bongs through bino's across the border while I was in HK. They used to do all sorts of unusual stuff in groups, or as a platoon. Odd people, the Orientals.

    Well, I think so anyway
  10. Gotta pretty up you killin' bitch...

  11. Initially he's carrying a nork Ak variant with bayonet fitted. By the end of the talk, he has swapped it for a Type 73. At least i'm guessing so based on the offset foresight and same flash eliminator set up shown elsewhere in vid
  12. including spreading their own shite on their veggie patch (maybe that was just a PAP affectation)