NORINCO firearms. Any good?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by The_Seagull, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. After less deliberation than I imagined, and in less than 3 years of living in Canada, Mrs TSG has given me the green light to buy myself some firearms.

    I'm looking for a fairly cheap (less than $1k preferably) assault type rifle chambered for either 5.56mm or .223 Remington ammunition for mostly range type shooting. The only caveat being that mrs TSG (also being an ex stab) can fire it. So without too much looking yet I've been looking at AR15/M16 type rifles and I found this in my price bracket.

    My only concern is the quality as it's basically a cheap Chinese knock off.

    So my question is. Is this a false economy or are NORINCO weapons any good for the casual shooter looking to put about 150 rounds a week through it on the range?

    (I know I could have joined a us or Canadian based shooting forum but I really can't be arrsed just yet and thought I'd ask on here 1st.)

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  2. I would forget that and get a VZ58 in 7.62x39 or go full power and get a Garand or Enfield.

    There are not that many legal military style centrefire rifles in Canada.
  3. My plan was to get that M16 type rifle to keep the long haired RSM hapoy, and try and lay my hands on either an Enfield Mk4, SKS (dirt cheap), or NORINCOs version of the M14 for something with a bit more bang.

    My only real concern with buying a NORINCO firearm is the build quality and reliability.

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  4. I've not had much experience with Norinco firearms apart from one of their CZ75 clones, that was a club gun at a local pistol club. I fired thousands of rounds through it with no issues whatsoever. God knows what their M16 clones are like though.

    Have you tried asking on Canadian Gun Nutz?
  5. That's probably going to be my next port of call mate. I thought I'd just put this thread on until I get a day off work and can join up and try that site.

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  6. the build on the norinco isnt the best compared to western made AR's, the real issue is that they dont build within the same tolerence to what the 'standard' AR parts are made,
    ie - the bits are generally not interchangeable with other AR makers.

    ok new, but the cheaper steel wears out quicker as well and after only a few thou rds they are fucked. avoid.

    your better off buying a second hand US made AR with all the pimped-up bits for the same dosh.
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  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Aren't the Canadians a bit offish when it comes to magazines hence the popularity of the Sks and the Garand?
  8. Yeah, I believe you can only have low capacity (5rds) magazines but, ironically, there's no limits on how many you can get (I believe).

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  9. I have the Norinco M4, and you can get 10rd .223 'pistol' magazines for any AR type firearms, all perfectly legal.

    Look at Wolverine supplies I believe they sell them.

    Mine fires just fine, although it's a recent purchase and Ive only put about 50 rounds down range.
  10. I have a norinco m305/m14.Ive had it for about 4years and it works well.It is abit rough and the stock isn't all that(soft wood).
    the only thing i don't like are the magazines.I got 4 with it and ive had problems with all of them.
    I have hear some tails one being that the us militry are using re-stocked m305s also changing the block and the colt gave norinco the tooling for the ar15 once they hear that norinco was going to copy it.(just a rumour).
  11. Ive also taken a look at the NORINCO m14 type too. I quite like it. Have you resolved the magazine issue?

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  12. You can get good wood furniture here:

    Fred's M14 Stocks
  13. US isnt using any Norinco crap M14's. First of all the parts arent interchangeable with G.I. and are Metric while M-14's are inch pattern. And IF the US needed more M14 type rifles instead of crap norinco they have LRB arms, Fulton Armory, Springfield Armory forged receivers and other manufacturers.
  14. Got a very fine Walnut M14 stoc with DoD stamp for My National Match M1A from freds.
  15. Fred (aka Johnny Appleseed) is a real character and will be on one of the first loads to the American Gulag when our Masters play their real cards. I will likely be on the same train if They catch me that is. ;-)
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