Norica .410 bolt action safety catch repair

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Wag Tail, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I was hoping for some advice please? I've been looking at a Norica .410 bolt action with a fully moderated barrel. It's being sold by a shop who specialise in airguns with a few FAC rifles and probably less than half a dozen shot guns. They informed me that the safety catch is broken and requires repair (which they do not do) and the wood work isn't fantastic but that can be easily done. The safety for those that know is moving from left to right but with no action and the trigger doesn't move at all but the rest such as the bolt action and magazine 'look' ok?

    The repair is allegedly going to cost around £35 - £50 and the guns up for £150. My question is has anybody worked on one of these and is it likely to be an easy fix and ultimately is it worth the risk? From what I can gather they're a good little vermin gun especially being 3 shot and the moderated version would be a huge bonus. I know its a bit of an ask but any advice very much appreciated thanks.
  2. that sounds like a trigger issue, not a safety one.
    easy to fix, IF you know what to look for, and have acess to parts.

    tell them you want it, at the market rate, but are NOT going to buy it unless its working fine.

    NO RFD should be selling any firearm unless its in perfect working order. end of.

    edit - where is the gat located? I'm heading south for x-mas, I try to visit as many shops on the way as poss to check over the oppo, if its on the route or near i could poss have a butchers at it.

    PM me if you dont want to throw the shop up on here.
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  3. I wouldn't pay more than £80 for a Norica .410 and that would have to be a safe working gun, for a duff one £30 would be about right.

    I used one for a time for ratting, using ferrets to get the little buggers up and running. .410 reduces the damage to buildings but it is a shit cartridge for anything more than 15 meters away. The bolt action made the Norica too slow for second shots, when the rats came boiling out from under chicken coops and it was far too long to swing in enclosed spaces!

    An old side by side hammer .410 replaced it, cheap as chips, short, a pleasure to handle and mustard for vermin.
  4. 150 is overpriced, i have two on sale at the mo for 75 and 95( wear n tear on the stock)
  5. I don't suppose the 'arse end of nowhere' is any where near Dorset?
  6. nah fraid not mate, can ship to you though, been sending a fair few gun safes and what not to aberdeen these last few days, doubt dorset is gonna be too much of an arse ache.

    i am off work at the mo, father in law died yesterday, but will pm you the web site to have a look see.