Norgie Pullovers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bangalore, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone remember those big V neck Norgie Pullovers that had thumb hols and velcrose in the V opening that were trendy in the late 80's if so does anyone know where I can get my hands on one now. I've tried surplus shops and ebay but to no avail - any ideas?
  2. Try these guys:

    Fisher, Patton and The Red Baron: 01745 591805
  3. I remember those. Our kid nicked mine. One could really cut a dash in one of those and a pair of Ron Hills and dessies.
  4. I got one last year in Norway from a bloke called 'Patch'. He was ex R Navy and transfered to Norwegian mob. They are like rocking horse shi* and expensive to buy over there.
  5. Yeah, great bits of kit! They also came in grey - guess who went on parade in one to be told be his SSM to ditch it and get back into a green one or fcuk of and join SCOTSDG :D
  6. Brilliant piece of kit bought mine in 89 for £20 whilst with AMF(L), really kept me warm whilst doing AST and still got it and in good condition
  7. Real class with the white issue arctic socks turned over the top of the dessies!
  8. fek me you too! those were the days. I had one too - until some cnut nicked it, brilliant bit of kit. That's it I want another one now. Someone must know where to get them.
  9. Bangalor

    Got one (in my garage somewhere) PM me your address you can have it.
    (if I can be arsed digging it out)
  10. Sent - cheers mate
  11. Impossible to get via the Army, but I saw a cadet contingent with a box of brand new ones a while back (WTF???)
    Great though. I got mine from my Dad, who nicked his when he went to Norway back when Russians were Red
  12. I'm still looking if anyone has got a buckshee one kicking around somewhere
  13. Fcuk me, I knew there was something I really liked that I left with the ex-wife! I'd just assumed it was her dirtbox
  14. Cheers - but how much is 150/220 Krona