Seriously considering applying to do part time with Norforce.
Anyone had any experience with this unit?
How much commitment is really required?
Any good or drinking club?
Thanks for any info


Pommy, Reserve only. I am a bit older than they probably get (42) So I would not even consider the ARA. If I get into to Norforce it will probably kill me fitness wise but that's the challenge.


one thing I know. If you will be moving around a bit you are better off joining another unit first then parade with Norforce. They do their own version of basic training up there so if you were to go to another unit later, you would have to do Kaooka- we had one guy in our unit come from the Pilbara Reg- he had been in 4 yrs and had his service medal, they said he had to go to Kapooka and do all IET's or he would not be qual'd as a riflemean in 16.

Best check it out first.

I had one guy who was 54 at Kapooka in my section so 42 not that ol.
Anyone had any experience with this unit? Yep.

How much commitment is really required? You can do the minumum but there's a whole heap of interesting stuff to do if you can commit a bit more time - up to 200 days if you're lucky.

Any good or drinking club? Only as good as the effort you put in. Those who can (and do) do more, are given a lot of good opportunites. Definately not a drinking club, nor is it overly regimental.


Thanks BigG. Up to 200 days, they must have alot of unemployed people serving in Norforce units. My boss would have a heart attack if I asked for anything other than my 6 weeks annual leave.

I suppose I better get along to see them. BigG do you know which night the training evening is on? When I drive past the depot after work the gates are closed, I am not in DARWIN. There is no telephone number to ring locally either. Only Defence recruitment.

LOL, Yeah, unemployment is a way of life for many in the NT - as you'd know. If you're in Govt you get an extra 4 weeks or so defence force leave. And the legislation that protects reserve service is pretty persuasive in making employers release you for Army time. Make sure you get some informed advice on this when you join up. Check out this website in the meantime: .

Also, PM inbound.

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