Nordic Skiing

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by cheese, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. I quite fancy a go at Nordic skiing in Norway and have found a little on the MOD website but no dates/ hard information about courses. I have check ATG(A) and no luck; can anyone tell me if tey still run nordic foundation courses and when these take place?

  2. I did Nordic skiing as part of ex winter warrior. Do they still do that?
  3. Get on ArmyNet and search for Nordic skiing, there's contact details on there.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Anything you (or anyone else) need to know feel free to ping me, I cross country ski most weekends and I've been competing in various flavours including overnight and endurance for about 10 years now.

    Its a great sport, good to see its getting some support now. There are also a few ex-UK military guys instructing and guiding on civvy courses in NO for the last few years. It will be part of my early retirement plan too hopefully!

  5. Nordic sking foundation (and other) courses are now run in southern germany...

    You need to go on to army net and find the ahrc webste for teh AT stuff.
  6. Also known as Langlauf skiing when I had a crack at it many years ago. We were told we were attending a winter warefare course up in the Hartz mountains when I was in Germany in the early seventies. It turned out to be just learning cross country skiing. You wore these leather boots with a small flap on the front and the ski's were made from wood. It was almost a holiday because we had every evening off to go down the local bar.

    I expect modern materials have kicked in many years ago now. I did pass the course but I was never a great skier. The instructor was a full screw and his name was Ned Kelly. I can't remember what mob he was in but he had a great job there living up in the mountains with his bird and pursuing his favourite sport every day with an occasional bit of shouting at us when we fell over which was fairly often.
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  7. Might know him, last time I was on Basic witer training we spent 5 days down hilling (i could already ski so forwent the nordic) and 5 days giving it big licks cross country (going up the hills on skis as well as down) builidng snow holes and living out of ski lodges up on the summits.
  8. I was in Germany and managed to blag a course at the Army administered British Outward Bound Centre in Norway. But that was in the cold war so may no longer exist. Oh and the Emperor Mong ensured I couldn't go as I buggered my foot a week before and no opportunity arose subsequently.
  9. Not technically correct, but it does encompass langlauf. You dont use langlauf skis when skiing uphill. You use alpine skis with the backs detached, and oil skins.
  10. Seal Skins... now made of artificial products.
  11. It was artificial when I used them, but we still called them seal skins.

    Oh, just noticed I put 'oil'. Brain on autopilot.
  12. Mohair skins, synthetic skins or a blend. Mohair slides faster though.
  13. Telemarking is pretty good in the Nordics.
    Speed and Style with grace and panache.
    Been trying it out now for a couple of years, and may just one day look the part.
    The boots and eqpmnt are not dissimilar to the 'heel up' sytle of Nordic/Langlauf.
  14. Telemark skiing looks awesome when someone can do it properly. Tried it once, it's difficult, very difficult.