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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cow, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    right due to being in the Signals once again little info is being passed about for this lovely trip to Norway just before Xmas. Anyone know who's going? 2/30 min but must be others, also any good weather sites so know what warm kit to get hold of? 50 sets of ECW kit are going out, great when there's 90 of us deploying... god i love cormorant!
  2. What part of Norway are you going to?

    As far as I know, theres no all seeing weather site, but if you're going inland, pack your thermals.

    However, I live in Southern Norway on the coast, and walked to work in my shirtsleeves today, (about 10 degrees C) and the sun's been out all day. :D
  3. Here is a link to the Norwegian Meteorologic Institute.

    I don't know how much use it'll be for you, as it only gives a forecast for a few days at a time.
    On the Norwegian part of the site it says that average temperatures from October till December
    will be slightly higher than normal (0.5-1 degree), but I still wouldn't bother packing my shorts if I were you.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Near Trondheim, also heard that vodka/whisky is worth taking over due to prices in country, wise move or not worth it?
  5. I believe booze and fags cost a bomb throughout Scandinavia. I know this is definately the case for Denmark and Sweden but sure in encompasses the whole of it.

    I think it is due to the long winter nights and people getting depressed and drinking themselves to death.

    Probably worth taking a decent supply. If it is mega cold though the booze opens the capileries causing you to lose heat more swiftly and nicotine gives you cold extremities due to bad circulation. Smoking in mittens is also rather awkward and undignified. Forget rolling.

    If you are really desperate for that nicotine hit they do mouth tobacco. Go for the one in teabag-type material as opposed to the loose stuff. Alas I have only seen it there. Warning: is pretty minging but the things you do for the cause....
  6. I was in Bergan some years back and money is no use when in the pub. Take your credit card as the pubs do more business that way. Your pockets will be too small to carry the amount of wedge needed to pay for a sesh!
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Cheers gents, will be stocking up with Vodka!
  8. Trondheim is coastal like Stavanger, therefore within 10 degrees of 0 at that time of the year. Best advice is that you waterproof everything, twice.

    Yes, fags and booze are very expensive, so bring bottles of whiskey, and emergency smokes. (Assuming that your unit will want to bring its own little duty free shop for beer and fags)

    A good bottle of whiskey out here will cost around £70, so if you have access to a handy crypto bag and can bring in more than your 1 litre, you could probably get a few bargains when shopping for ski kit.
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    Well... have a large vehicle which will be sealed... rude not to take advantage! Cheers gents
  10. dont get to cold if you are out there, chances are your going to need a lot of warm clothing, heating system going out is good but requires lots of gennys are not being taken
  11. Might also be worth considering taking a couple of large tins of Nescafe Gold Blend - the coffee out there is also v expensive, and the cheaper stuff is comparable to tarmac....

  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    Funny, there's lots of stealths on pallets on our square waiting to go! Shall have to wait and see, some people are taking Kero heaters(officers in a panic) am hoping there's no Kero out there, just so I can laugh...
  13. There is enough power going out there to power a small town. The RE are taking two 100KW genes and some transformer gear to take a feed of the Norwegian mains. 30SR alone has 14 40KW and god knows what 2SR will be taking. All in all over 1MW of power - all waiting for those kettle so to be plugged in to make the staff officers' brews......
  14. 15 day forecast available at Accu Weather. It's a very good site for local weather, better than the BBC.