Nope, sorry BBC, I just can't get hard to this

Haha! An article about moral standards of todays society with the "Femail Today" box right beside it. Full of links to airheaded tarts and gems like: "Losing your touch? Bikini wearing playboy twins can't manage to lure Kirk and Frankie into the hot-tub"

Well done DM.

Can we have DM links banned from arrse? That'll decrease the amount of 'clicks' they get on the web by a few thousand, and that's all the DM is about. Hence the amount of OUTRAGIOUS HEADLINES and TITS on their website.
Judging by the expression on the lady MP's face she hasn't taken a look on the xhamster web site recently...

..she really ought to have a look, it might actually brighten her day the miserable cow.



Size of her breasts. Tit wank central here we come............

Ah, Fablon, your photo-analysis skills are slipping...compared to the sizeable gut and what appears to be a baby hippo arse, proportionately those jugs are not much to write home about. Combined with the lemon-sucking face, something that would be as dickshrinking as the video.

Incidentally, isn't that a baby Dalek penetrating her from behind ?
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