Nope, sorry BBC, I just can't get hard to this

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. SO many heads, so few buttings!
  2. Do the videos cover the finer points of fisting? It's a delicate art.
  3. Not forgetting those conisuers who appreciate scat sex. Not me you understand, just a mate!
  4. I do wish that the Daily Wail would disappear up it's own arse.

    I can wank to almost anything and yet I'm struggling to even raise a chubby when looking at that.

    However, that Tory MP looks like the sort of dirty cow that'd be tickling your prostate within seconds if she got the chance.
  5. Is ARRSE sponsored by the Daily Mail? I know we aren't allowed to read The S*n and that the Telegraph has far too many joined-up worms but are there no other sources of stories? I never read the Mail and have certainly never bought a copy of it yet I am inundated with more (non) stories from it every day!

    Rant over!

    They should make the vids using the age group they're aimed at. They could then make a nice little earner from selling to a wider audience!
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  6. Its either the video or The Van at the end of the day. Kids are going to grow up and they ARE going to shag each other, whether the liberal twats like it or not. I thought throwing one up whatever moved was what being a teenager was about.
  7. Fucking Mail! The bloke's cock at the bottom is already pixellated yet they've added a black box as well! The one above has a box over the cock, yet if children are allowed to see it adults using the internet aren't? Mail readers are the hypocritical cunts who wibble during the week then snort coke from a whore's tits on the weekend.
  8. And they complain about teenage pregnancy. They do this sort of thing on the continent, age of consent is lower in some countries, but their teenage pregnancy rates are lower.
  9. They need instructional videos on 'taking it up the gary.' That'll sort that issue out.
  10. for the life of me i cant understand why anyone would whine about the bbc, what other station would run a quality asian story on christmas day?
    i was rooted to the box
  11. I love rooting box.
  12. Had me shooting my muck within seconds!! I don't think.

    Come on BBC, they're not exactly Hentai mags now are they?
  13. Might want to check the rates of benefits applicable to a "no dependants" teen & one with a child.

    I've a feeling there's a link.
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