Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by telecaster, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Got a Facebook friend request today from a Richard Nyaokas (sic).1.Is he the bloke from Bad Lads Army?2.Do I know him?3. Why is he wearing Arctic-type DPM in his picture?4. Anybody else had a similar request?
    Re: number 2.I'm getting on a bit, I might have met him, but can't remember.Seems suspicious.
  2. its the guy from bad lads Army, believe he was in the RLC when serving.

    Got his security setting on high so can't answer any of your other questions but because its a closed page it seems genuine (if some one set it up pretending to be him there would be a bit more information available)
  3. actually re Q4. the pic could have been from a publicity photo shoot he did around the time of Bad Lads and the photographer put him in them because they look 'cool'
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Was that not a bear with a hand stuck up its arrse?
  5. Yeah he was RLC he used to be my SSM when I was at 9 Supply Regt thats going back to 2003 ish looking at the friends he has on FB he seems the real deal as I know alot of them from my time there. Hope this helps you
  6. I thought that was split the dog
  7. Nookie has two FB accounts. One for work (he does some type of motivation stuff) and a personal one. I was until recently a friend of his on FB.

    I worked with Nookie in BFG, but long before he was at 9 Sup Regt.