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  1. Hiya guys,

    My name is Matt and im from Newport, South Wales.

    Just joined 100 field Sqn in cwmbran RMONRE (M).

    Thing is im already qualified as a car mechanic in civvie street. could i use this and miss stage two training ? or would i have o do an army input ?

    Also i was wondering if anyone knew anything about becoming a commando engineer. It could be something that interests me. Im pretty much in the dark and dont know what i want to do in the TA.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Either this is a very poor Wah, or you are being stupid. Think about it!
  3. Sorry mate, but i guess im being stupid then ?
  4. Well, that's obviously extremely unfortunate for you. But don't worry, we'll still talk to you. :D :D :D

  5. lol its not too bad, lived here all my life so never known any different really!
  6. Say the man who want's to be a woman. The guy's Welsh, give him a break FFS!
  7. Welcome to the site Matt. Firstly be aware of you own personal security (PERSEC) no names, addresses etc on here.

    I'm not sure how much Ph2 training you'd have to do. If you are interseted in becoming a Cdo Engr try following this link, your nearest one is in Bath.


    or here link

    I would suggest looking around some of the other TA Units to see what really interests you.

    For TA Units in Wales try this link
  8. Cheers fella's.

    I'l look into it and speak with my rec officer.
  9. Only if you thought that Legs was female.
  10. Dont they have Army Careers officers anymore?
    You require a full de brief and an anti n00bage pack to give you some info on what where how when... :roll:
  11. Alright major general! Im sure they do have army careers offices yeah! But i thought thats what places like this were for.....asking questions and not getting W4nk answers...thanks all the same.

    And yeah i am a n00b here but isnt everyone at some point? And if i dont ask questions how can i learn to talk utter b0lIocks like you do becase unfortunately for me it doesnt come naturally!

  12. My bold, why do so many people want to miss stages of training ffs
  13. Its not that i want to miss satages of training but i spent three years in college doing it, 4 years after that doing it as my every day job
  14. check pm