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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Gregry254, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone, ill start with a bit about my self.

    I am 19, when I was 16 I did a 13 week army prep (always wanted to join the army) course in Aberdeen and almost signed up to the army untill I realised how piss poor the wages are compared to civillian jobs.
    So I went to college for 3 years and got a HND in computer hardware and networking.
    Now I work full time as a security officer. . . waste of 3 years!

    Anyway since I have regretted not signing up when I was 16 I would love to join the TA and still get the taste of army life but still make some decent money too.

    What I would like to know is, since I cant find anything I need on the mod site!!
    How often do I have to attend the barracks (about 50ft from my house) for training?
    What are my rights as far as my work stands? if I am attending the 2 week camp or anything else do they HAVE to give me the time off? and is it classed as my holidays?
    I dont think I will have any problems passing the fitness test as I have been going to the gym regularly recently and climbed a few munros this month :)
    I do how ever wear glasses, and without them I am useless. Whats the rules about that?
    And if anyone can think of anything I have missed I would love to know it :D
  2. It all depends on what your employer is like and what type of unit you are going to join. (Specialist/independent etc, etc.)

    (It would probably be easier to pop over the road and have a chat with the staff at the barracks - they will be able to answer questions exactly. Where as myself and others on here will give generic answers as we don't have the full story.)
  3. One evening a week and at least one weekend per month. Except we've run out of money so it might not be so often and they might not be able to let you join unless they can find a couple of farthings down the back of the sofa.

    None - well not quite true. They can't sack you for being in the TA and have to keep your job for you when / if you mobilise. But there are plenty of stories of companies getting around those.


    It can be - it depends - some employers give you paid time off, some give you "special leave" - unpaid but not your holiday, some make you take holiday.

    Difference strokes for difference corps. You can be fairly blind (as long as it corrects properly) for many trades, you have to have excellent eyesight for the SF or the AAC. Others it is in between. You may have difficulty joining the SCOTS.
  4. Which unit? There are three:

    How often? Drill nights are 1 per week, but you don't have to attend all of them. Weekends - there could be 2 or 3 per month that you could attend, but you only HAVE to attend 6 of them per year (it could be a particular 6, rather than any 6). Annual Camp - 15 days of continuous training.

    Rights to time off? You are supposed to be given time off for Camp - but it's an airy fairy bit of legislation. Your firm don't necessarily have to give you the time off to coincide with Camp (figure that one!), but at a time that suits them. They don't have to pay you when they do give you time off - but the better companies can be very generous in this respect (e.g. full pay, half pay or make up wages). It's generally safer to ask "Please may I..." rather than "You have to..." The time should be in addition to holidays, but there are a few employers out there who would disagree...

    Glasses? Unless your lenses are thicker than the base of a glass bottle, you'll probably be OK.
  5. The unit I was looking at is just the infantry.

    "B Company Rifle Platoon, 51st Highland, 7th Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland - Infantry"

    I will have a word with my boss tomorrow and see what he thinks of the situation, he was in the army for a while so he might be better to talk to than some bosses.

    Once I know where I stand with him I will book an appointment at the AFCO, see what they say.

    Whats that about them not being able to afford it though? are they running out of funds or something?
  6. Gregy - It's never JUST the infantry.

    Get some info from the TA centre before you chat with your boss, that way you'll be in a better position to answer any questions he may put to you.