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Hey up, been a lurker here for a while but figured I'd finally post.

I'm a 26 yr old in the process of applying, sat my BARB test last week, got 72 jobs open to me, so all's good. Took my med form into my Dr today who had never seen one and tried to insist I need to pay him cash for it :O ... got that all sorted out with the exception of one issue that might be raised...

In Jan '07 I lost my son at birth, so obviously this is mentioned on the form under 'problems in pregnancy', at the time I was with my (now ex) husband and I went to my Dr's in Apr '07 to say I wasn't coping, they were pretty cool about everything, explained to me that it was basically just grief and prescribed me one course of Prozac to take if I felt I needed to... I researched the meds, chose not to take them and got on with it.
June was the next I was at the Dr's (after an argument with my husband which lead to him beating me up) to get checked over and make sure there was a formal record of my injuries imposed by my husband for legal reasons (the injuries were mainly cosmetic, bruised eye, jaw, arm and shoulder)
Basically I've not needed to go back to the Dr's since but have moved to a new practice... I'm concerned that all of this is going to show up in my record as me having some sort of mental health problem when in reality I was dealing with grief in a pretty sh1t marriage.
In fact I'll be pretty riled if it does stop me applying 'cause it means that asshat still has a bearing on my
As long as it is put down as a grief reaction and not anything else it should be ok. If there are only single instances of problems it shouldn't cause too much of a problem. If you still have the full pack of fluoxetine take them back to the doctor that prescribed them and get him to put an action on your notes to say that the pills were returned untouched.

Hope this helps.

Thanks yeah it is just a single incident on my file... tbh I think given the circumstances it's fairly obvious, but as my current Dr doesn't seem to know his own arse from his elbow I have a niggling doubt about what he'll write if anything.
I don't still have the full pack of fluoxetine, my ex husband has it.. he tried to claim in our divorce proceedings that I'm mentally unstable as a conteraction to my plea for divorce.. he's a delightful individual :S even if I did they were prescribed when I lived in Scotland.

Thanks though, you've settled my mind a wee bit.
well your ex sounds like a right nasty cnut. If you need any more help with your med form just send me a PM.
Haha.. yeah I didn't want to sound bitter but you've summed him up nicely and thanks, I will do... the Dr seems to have no comprehension of this form whatsoever so I'm getting it back to see it before I hand it in personally.. I trust Royal Mail about as much as I trust my Dr :lol:

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