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  1. Lee saves the day for australia. GUTTED
    Flat out GUTTED
  2. Not just Lee, it was an amazing effort from their whole team and we didn't quite have the killer blows to finish them when we should have...
  3. If only flintoff had faced McGrath in that final over it may have just made that difference, however him having not been out this series...
    I'm distraught
    Bloody good game though
  4. "i was doin' great, guv. But then he caught me with thirty or forty lucky punches!!!"

    So in other words, the Brits are where they always are and they're going to lose the Test. Is that right?

  5. Lost the test by one wicket, we ran out of overs.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hate to be pedantic but we drew, so still 1-1. But with us needing to win the series to regain the Ashes
    it is almost as good as a loss.

    Great game though and the boys played well.

    Get your revenge Here:

    W G Grace at his finest

    Vary the length for different replies -not much point without sound
  7. orifice cadet....ignore Bugsy7...............just another igorant little bog-trotter trying to get a rise. btw another excellent game and looking forward to Trent Bridge.
  8. Let's face it, exile1, the last time England had any chance at all of winning the Ashes was in 1066, when they lost to the French by (the admittedly very narrow margin of) an arrow in the eye. They've been playing catchy-uppy ever since.

    Face the truth, they're shite! It's no shame. Somebody's got to come second.