None Issue boots that CAN be worn?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by lofty1, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Hey all,

    just after a list (if there is one) of the different types of boots that can be worn that are none issued.


  2. Are you talking about the special case boots you can get through the system for mong feet, in which case they are issue kind of.

    Or privately bought ones? In which case you can have any you like as long as they're black (for the time being)

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  3. Oh sorry, ones that I buy myself...
    There's no set ones, then?
  4. Speak with your CoC - I could give you a long list of boots that units have let me wear for you to spend a couple of hundred notes that could end up with your boss charging you with being incorrectly dressed!

    Get your feet measured first and make sure you are issued the right size, decent inner soles are your next move and then learn how to lace your boots up. (Ending with a tight knot at the top of your boot to cut off your circulation is not always the best option.)

    Plus, you might want to look at brown boots instead of black ;-)
  5. You mean green.
  6. Like these.

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  7. AKU Boots work well. depends how laid back you're Company/Platoon are though.
  8. You didn't happen to find the pair did you? Last time I wore them was at Madam JoJos and I can't remember much about the evening or what happened to my boots.
  9. No mate, but don't worry I've still got the pics ^_~
  10. A mate of mine was told by his TCWO that there is a list of approved non-issued boots. He never saw it, but shockingly the boots he was wearing at the time weren't on it and he was stopped from wearing them, even though he had a chit from the physio for them.