non white Irish Terrorists?

To help me win an argument with a mate....

Can anyone remember the name of the half Nigerian guy who was an IRA terrorist and wing OC in the Maze? (There was a programme on the radio about him a couple of years ago)

Can anyone remeber anymore non white Irish Terrorists?

Ndoko O' Gallagher ?
Something black and Irish? That'll be Guinness then....

Don't worry, I've already called my taxi.
I'm surprised the chogie-wallahs at North Howard St Mill never went over to the other side, with the amount of times their shop was burgled by incoming roulement units.......
Also surprised the chogies at Palace didn't do likewise with the number of unpaid tick bills they had to write off when 3RRF left for Berlin........ 8O
There was a Tim... Something, Who actually did look not unlike Phil Lynott
There was at least one 'Strangley Brown' on the Loyalist side...

Not the twins, they were egyptian...

And the current incarnation of republicans carries at least one 'tiddly wink'...

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