Non Tuesday parades.

Evening all.

I was hoping anyone could help me out? I'm looking for a reserve unit which doesn't parade on a Tuesday night around the London, South East or East area. Preferably a Wednesday.

I know most are a Tuesday, but I've looked on the various RFCA websites and not sure how up to date they are?

Edited to add, no real preference on units. Open to all suggestions.

Many thanks. FD


if you don't mind Navy RMR meet Wednesdays
3MI Bn
I believe he has failed the military intelligence exam by failing to find a unit that doesn't drill on a Tuesday
You are most definitely right! I completely piled in at school. I've bettered my quals now, but not close to the educational talent 3MI attracts.

A certain NW London ARC which is on my doorstep has very close family links. It would be ideal. However, my tiny primative brain is filled with only common sense. I'm completely the wrong candidate. =-D

3MI and I believe 253 Provost Coy in Tulse Hill are the only two I know of on a Wednesday.
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London Regt. Mortar Platoon at Catford.

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