Non! to El Presidente Bliar!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Bliar has been trying to land himself the (unelected) job of EU President for years. He has sold this country down the river to put himself in the running. He must be opposed at every turn. The man is the greatest threat to UK security since Hitler and the thought of his deluded and egocentric personality at this level is frankly blood-chilling.

    This petition has just short of 16,000 signatures and is growing fast. There must be a few thousand ARRSERs and friends who can bump it up.
  2. He won't get it, most of the EU thinks he was a US monkey boy...always willing to dance to the tune
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well the French vote wont go his way because his wife is a monger. And the Italians wont vote his way because his wife dresses like a sack of spuds tied in the middle with bailer twine.
  4. Dont give a sh1t, voting with my feet, outa here in just under 3 weeks. Labour have ruined this country, it ain't mine any more. It's "whichever migrant will vote for labour and keep these cretins in power" country now.
  5. The jobs already his as the deal has been done.

    Firstly Blair surrendered billions of our money when he handed them our rebate (30 pieces of silver plus inflation)

    Secondly he agreed to step down as PM to make way for Broon, providing Broon promised him not to have a referendum on the EU constitution.

    Thirdly beacause of this , The EU promised Blair the job for delivering UK to the European Soviet Union on a plate.

    Paranoia or plausibility?
  6. duly signed - hope the fcker's experience of europe requires him to stay in The Hague for an extended period of legal discussion then an even longer stay at a grey bar hotel.
  7. What on Earth makes you think that this huge unelected morass would be halfway interested in what something so piffling as a vote says?

    Why would we think that Politicians (especially unaccountable ones) would have any sort of consideration for what we laughingly call an electorate?

    They will decide if the Grinner gets the job. No one else.
  8. We are in agreement yet again...

    Be afraid..... be VERY afraid!

  9. Democracy works......... :p
  10. Is this to give the Franco - German alliance a touch of British?

    And his missus touched by the republic!
  11. its shere idiousy polititians who are no longer wanted in their own country as they are considerd failures and a waste of time make a turd of there nation and try to land a coushy job at the EU. retarded

    Memory says the Bent Fatherless Heath received a 50,000 quid prize for taking UK into Europe way back in the 70's.
    Now Blurs to be paid off, another Jobs for the Boys.
    I hate them the whole F-ing bunch.