non Tiffy HNC?

Discussion in 'REME' started by spannermonkey, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. has anyone any experience or dealings with doing a HNC as an Artisan?

    any pointers would be most welcome ive heard of class 1 points being accepted but i would love to hear from the horses mouth as it were.

  2. Got mine via Tiffy rout but Blackburn College are a good contact they can convert a lot of what you have already done as a class 1 (with perhaps some Spec Quals) by accreditation of prior learning.

  3. What trade are you?
  4. Just about to start with Blackburn College, they sorted through my quals as an RE Fitter and can do most of it distance learning. Even upgraded my course to HND with the addition of 6 more modules so I can make the most of my ELC.

    If you want any more info on that route, PM me as i have all the contact details if you need.
  5. Devilishdave is right in saying Blackburn Coll they are on the donegal.
    To be fair you should have tried harder and got one for free, there was only one hoop to jump through and that was on the individual assault course!

    Check your PMs.
  6. I did mine as an Artisan VM(B). I started when I was up in the Hebrides (SNVQ route I think)...tutor used to visit for the civvy apprentices and I was able to join the scheme. I got posted to Abingdon and went to the local FE College (in Oxford), showed them what I'd done so far and I was exempted some of the modules. For the remainder I attended classes at night, did the projects and sat my exams at the end.....job done!!...they were very accomodating - I sat the final exams in a room on my own whilst on R&R from Bosnia!!
  7. sorry i should have pointed out i an VM B
  8. I was an Artisan VMA Staffy.
    I did a HNC in Mechanical Engineering on day release at Teesside Uni opver 2 years. Paid the money and claimed back 85% through the education grant. I did 2 modules prior to attending with Blackburn College. The problem I had was as it was distance learning you didnt get any idea on what was required etc from Blackburn, for example on how long should the report be? also there is no access to the Uni library and you need that for some of the research.
    The work was quite easy,the maths was a bit heavy at times but all in all if you are disciplined enough to hand in asignments on time and to put the work in it can be done. If you are in UK do day release, my unit thrived ion the fact that they had someone educating themselves "in their own time".
    PM me if you need further info on Modules etc.
  9. I completed my HNC/D at Blackburn. I found all the tutors very easy to contact if you were having dramas and there used to be a student forum website but I think that may have died a death. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone who did not manage to get "free" qualifications to improve upon their C&G quals before they bail out after 22.
    I did so well with my engineering quals that the corp saw fit to make me an RQ where I could put it to good use! Not to worry though, in 1 (UK) Civ Div it definitely helped me gaining managerial level work when I left at the begining of this year.
  10. The army let you study on day release? So you were attending uni one day a week and the army didn't mind?
  11. My final unit paid for my HNC and gave me 2 half days off per week for two years.
    Never used it but sits on the CV below my other qualifications.

    Why not considor a PGC via distance learning, should be able to complete in a year, unless operational commitments get in the way?
  12. I had Thursdays off in term time. All sanctioned through the OC Wskps. I put down non available for duties every thursday. As i said the unit were chuffed that somebody was educating themselves in their own time though in reality it was in Army time. I used to be dragged out on every senior officer visist as an example on how the Unit was investing in people.
    As i was IC inspections most of my homework etc was done at lunchtime ( lunchtime being 0800 - 1645)!!!
    I did my project on Oil health monitoring on DROPS and MLRS, i just bastardised the CR2 stuff. The Uni loved it.
  13. How long do you usually have to be in the army before they put you through a HNC/D?
  14. I would'nt thought it would matter. Speak to your line Manager and ask for an OCs interview because you want to do some studying at a Civvy College etc. Make sure you have all the details, course dates costs etc first.
    or alternately speak to your local Army Education Centre for advice.
  15. Bit harder to get as an Artisan, well it would have been back in the day anyway, you won't have a course senior churning out passbacks to cheat
    your way to the prize.
    I do remember an exam on Art Veh 396, where the exam was changed at the last minute, half the course passed with their usual circa 70%, the other (in the know) half's score fell off a cliff, hadn't even made an attempt to learn it cos they reckoned they had the answers. The lecturer had written his own exam because it was fairly obvious that a steady 99% was taking the piss.